Friday, August 31, 2012

League Day Out

On a normal day at school, I saw our sport co-ordinator giving out notices about our league tournament.  I just realised that it was tomorrow! It just clicked me now and I got so excited.

It was the next day so we had our tournament today. The whole team walked a long way down to the dunkirk reserve. As we arrived there at the fields, I saw all the schools there like Bailey Road, Tamaki Intermediate, Stanhope and our school’s team two. My team was the Pt England team one, which was the top team.Our first  game was against the Point England team two. Both teams were all full of excitement when they found out we were playing each other. But, there are no friends on the field so we have to go hard and try to win.

We were all set up for kick off, the ref blew his whistle and we received the ball. “P.S.P Prop, Second row, prop” I shouted. All the players knew the play and got straight into it. After four tackles it was the fifth and last tackle, the hooker past the ball to me and I booted it down field. our opposition caught it and we rushed up in a line to tackle him. “Hold Set Up” Our whole team shouted. They ran it straight up to our line and suddenly, he knocked the ball on and we gathered it up and scored a try in the corner. After all that running the score in the end was

Our next game would be the hardest of all of them. We were playing BAILEY ROAD. They have a mean as fullback and he is fast and strong. Everyone just needs to rush up on him and shut him down but unfortunately he just ran through us. And the score in the end was 8-0 to them.

I wish we made it into the Auckland champs, but it was our talking and defence that was letting us down.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Semi Final part 2

We were all excited that we made it into our first ever semi final. We are now into the second semi finals and we are playing against the Otahuhu Blues. They have only lost two games and we are trying to make it three.

We arrived at the rugby fields and went into the changing rooms, slipped on our jersey’s and put on our boots. We jogged out onto the fields to started warming up. Our trainer called us over to do some stretches. Everyone looked over to see what the players from the opposition looked like. They were HUGE! I started thinking about it and realized, size doesn’t matter this is the semi final. No time to be scared.

The referee blew his whistle and got our game under way. We're kicking off to them. Our halfback booted the ball deep into their twenty two, and I saw this big guy that looked 18, run straight at me like a storming bulldozer. I dived at his legs and he was down. Eventually guess who scored?.... it was Jonty again from our recent game. Our team had a good start with a try and we were looking to make the score bigger.

After a rough first half, we moved on to the second. while we started the second half “Run harder, tackle better. That's what's gonna win us the game” my coach said. We done that and we managed to get a few more . And in the end we won 40-4.


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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My First Semi Finals

My team, the Warriors have been working hard in every game to try and get into the finals. And it all payed off, we’re in our first finals for the first time ever. I’m very excited to play.

We were playing Bay Roskill Vikings. The last time we played them we beat them 40 something to six.But now they want revenge, so they will go hard to try beat us, but we won’t let that happen. We will fight like theres no tommorow. Well, we started warming up doing our ball skills then we moved on to gameplan. The ref blew his whistle for us to start the game.

They won the toss they were kicking off first. They boot it down field to our big prop, and he ran hard and fast, almost running through their defence line. Next we spread it out wide to our backs and our center Jonty scored a try. So we started off with a good start. They kicked it right to me and I ran with all my speed then getting tackle, I got up to play the ball and the ref called that it was a incorrect play the ball.  

It was second half and we were up 16-10  it was a very close game.There was only 10 minutes on the clock, I was near the try line and my mate played the ball and I dived at the line and I scored a TRY! And we just needed to seal it up and straight after that try my other teammate Sione scored back to back trys and we WON!!!! we all started celebrating over that victory 32-10.

I cant wait to play our next semi finals next week against the Otahuhu Blues.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Do you know what a beep test is, have you done it before? well , I have and I heard a few of my friends talking about it coming up soon. I started thinking about it and I couldn’t  stop. I was so excited asking everyone when is it.

I started practising running up and down the court fast, feeling like I was Usain Bolt. We arrived on the court and I didn’t want to waste my energy so I just jogged on the spot slowly warming up my muscles. Beep, beep, beep, that was the only thing I could hear in my head.

Mrs Va’afusuaga called us in for the test and  we got straight into it. “Level 1, stage 1” I heard the speaker call out. we all got excited running to the other side. As every level got completed, people started getting eliminated, and it got a lot more faster. I huffed and puffed till I couldn’t take it anymore, and I got eliminated too.

I can’t wait for the next time I do this because I want to improve on beat my best score 9.6

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Free Weekend

For my weekend I was looking forward to playing a game of footy on the muddy fields.
But suddenly, my league team had a bye which means we don’t play and automatically get points on the scoreboard.

I thought that it was going to be alright but it turned out BORING!. I sat in the lounge watching the olympics and still wasn’t exciting. So I thought about going to my friends house and I realised one of my mates from my league team just moved in three houses away.

I walked over and knocked on his door, His Mum answer the door and she yelled out “Segah your friends here” and she told me to go up stairs and into the last room. I walked in and he was on his computer. We started playing the ps3 and we played the rugby challenge and m.w.3 (Modern Warfare 3.)

I hope next week we have a game because we’re in the semi finals.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

LOCK'n'LOAD paintball

On a cloudy rainy day, my Bill Mclaren team went down south to go play some paintball at Lock’N’Load. I started getting shivers up my spine as a saw those awesome guns getting fired on the field.

Time was ticking and it was almost time, we had to learn the rules and suite up in protection. Everyone got a green card to take to the container(protection room) we gave him the card and we got given a camouflage suit and a helmet with gogles. Sooner later after suiting up a lady that worked there came and tod us  some rules like when you get shot you have to put your hand on your head and put your gun in the air and your OUT!

Nervously walking to our destination, looking to see if my ammo’s full, the ref asked which stage we want to play on urban. It has buses and trains that each team can hide in. My team that I was in had orange straps on our arm. As we hide in the train,the ref shouted out "3......2.......1.....GO!!!! I was scared as hell, I crouched, crawling out quiet and quickly like a ninja. Running straight behind a house  I was looking for an enemy, I saw one looking through window in the same house I was in. I tried to shoot him but kept missing. sooner later the ref counted down from 60 and the game got a lot more faster.

After that exciting match, the ref asked if we want to play a free for all and we shouted YES!! But only the people who still have paintball left and I did. We started straight away and I shoot my friend in the thigh and yelled out  “OUCHHHH” I hid behind a barrel hope and I kept trying to shoot them, sooner later I ran out of paintball
and I was out.

Luckly I never got shot in the body only on my goggles,I wish I could go there for my birthday next year because it is so fun.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our New Reading Programme

This week my class has started a new reading programme called Reading Eggs. It is a site where you can read novels and many things. This is the first time on this site and I hope it’s a good one.

When we jump on, there’s stations we can go on like comprehension Gym, spelling stadium and a library to read novels. first, I clicked on the Gym and I had to  pick a book and do a comprehension. Next I went into the spelling stadium. Then I played a computer, we played in a spelling sprint and I won. After that I played grammar skate then vocabulary pursuit.  The final thing I done was go into the library, I read and answered some questions from the book and I was done.

My teacher told me that I need to work on reading my book, because sometimes I don’t read the book carefully and answer the questions correctly.But now I think I have gone a lot more better since the first time I started. And I have approved to move to  a higher level.

The thing I like about Reading eggs is that it’s something cool to do and I like collecting the trading cards.