Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Highlights- Term 1's Experiences

My three highlight's!
In term one we have had an exciting term. The year six, five and seven went to camp two weeks ago it was really fun because we went to places like bowling, skating and rock climbing. We had delicious food and drinks. We did lots of amazing things for three days at school
On Friday afternoon the year five and six extension class had a interview with the head designer of Nike, D'EDWARDS. He is very famous! There was a competition for the best shoe and if you win your shoe will be made. There is also one of a t-shirt design for (W.O.W)

This is my third highlight it is about me. It shows where I am from and what you do. I really enjoy drawing on computer so I was excited! It is so cool that the extension class can do so much stuff

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Capture the flag

On February the 5Th (a sunny day) Rooms 15 & 14 went out to play an exciting game of capture the flag. Everyone had different roles like tagging and guarding the flag.

First Miss King precisely explained the rules, and all the kids listened attentively. After that Miss King divided us into teams. Then we went and played Capture the flag. Miss Squires said "GO!" and everyone sprinted off to the flag some of us made it and some got tagged. While James was looking at me, (getting distracted) Logan made a run for it and he got a score, everyone was cheering.
It was a tactical game for everyone. I tried to jump for the safety zone but it was an unsuccessful attempt, and I had to put my hand up for someone to take me to our base.
Finally the score was 7-1 to us and we won! I am looking foward to playing again.