Friday, July 20, 2012

The Olympics

“OLYMPICS!” I shouted.Wow it’s already been four years,but it’s felt like only a year. I really want to see the sprints, hurdles and the long jump because those are my favorite events in the Olympics. GO NZ!!!

The five rings represent the five major regions,they are Africa,America, Asia,Europe and Oceania. The colours are Blue,black,Red,Yellow and Green.These colours that was chosen because  its all the athletes flags come together.The rings were adopted by Baron Pierre De Coubertin.

If I was there in london olympics, I would like to see all the fascinating building.  Some of the buildings are The Big Ben,Buckingham Palace and the Tour Bridge. I have never been there so I really want to go and see all of those buildings

I really hope they have the Olympics in New Zealand so I can see all those famous athletes.I want to see how fast Usain Bolt is.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Nooooooo!!!! I said to myself as term 3 of school came to a start.I got up in the morning and all I could hear was my Mum saying “Get up get up it's time for school.” I quickly went to school and I looked in my class window and I realised the topic is.........

GO FOR GOLD, Isn’t that fascinating?I can’t wait to start learning about very talented athletes. As our class went into the hall for immersion assembly, me and my friends saw some amazing costumes the teachers were wearing.After a while the teachers showed us some movies about olympics and how it started.

My favorite movie was from team 4. I liked their movie because it’s funny and champions never give up. Mr Sommerville was a Speargun man and he wanted to compete in the Olympics but there was not a category for it. Mrs Garden was a swimmer and she didn’t know how to swim, but champions never give up so she kept trying.

My goal for this term is to try and get faster in my running because I think I have gotten slower. I am going to try eat less fat food, do fitness and go running a lot. I want I get faster by the time we have athletics so I can beat my friends.

I really hope I have a good time this term learning all about the Olympics and athletes.I am looking forward for next term.