Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Never Turning Back

Can you imagine what it is like without a Net-book?  I would never want to turn back to paper and pencil, NEVER!!!

Back in the days(last year) it was horrible, we used pencils and paper, and it was booooring! We always have to do our work with the teacher and we didn't get much done. Sometimes it really comes in handy because if you break a pencil you can get another one, but if you break your net-book it takes a long time to repair.

With our net-books we can learn more then before. Everyone knows what their doing because our class goes to a place called sites, it shows what your group is doing. It really help when I do my writing, I don’t hurt my hand and on the net-book its much faster.  But the Internet connection is not that good some times.

Now my work that I do goes on my blog. And I share it with world. Last year I write on a piece of paper but no one read it. It is really better now I can share my work.

Now that I have a net-book I can not imagine going back to working on paper.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Jumping at the Point.

On Saturday It was so hot, so me Richard and Ahsin went to the Point England beach. As we got to the beach I saw some new stairs. It was a bit shallow so we waited till it was high tide. Finally we got to jump off the rocks, and I was very excited. I ran and jumped as high as I could, and it was freezing cold.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Water Activitys At Camp Bentzon

With excitement I ran straight into the water and shivers went up my spine. As I got closer to the pontoon, the water got warmer and warmer.Finally I was there “Come on Starford” said Kingston, so both of us did a bomb. The next jump I did was a front flip and it really hurt my back.

The next activity my group did was kayaking, I really wanted to do it. Erin gave us instructions on how to paddle but I already new how to. Minutes later we lift the kayaks into the water and started paddling. Our goal was to try get to the pontoon and raft up.

Katz A’s last activity was sailing, I was scared I might have capsized. Peter (Our instructor) taught us how to use the tiller and the sail. At this point we jumped into our little boat, I was paired up with Tau. Our target on where to go was Typhoon and the red playground.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Spotlight At Camp Bentzon

As we got ready for bed, Mrs Garden gave us a surprise game, spotlight!. “Its fist pumping time!” said Ahsin. Spotlight is a game played in the dark, the person in has to try spot you with their torch and you have to try make it to base. Everyone got changed into their black clothing ready to play.

I returned back to base four times because I had the best hiding spot. I hid under the flax next to the base still as a scolpture,and no one could see me.

When we finished the game, Mr Jacobson blew his bugle and the game was finished. We played four games and I made it all four times. I got points for my group ‘KATZ’ and so did the other people who made it.


There is too much polution on Earth so everyone has to leave.

Monday, November 7, 2011


These are the worlds greatest Heros. ICE MAN, GREEN LANTERN,FLASH,DEAD POOL

Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Tennis Coaching" I said as Shivers went up my spine, I got  excited straight away. Even though I haven't played it before. This sport is not that popular like rugby in New Zealand.

The Forehand was the first skill we learnt.We had to grab a partner and start practising how to use the forehand. Our Coach Marcel  hit the ball gently, as I Smashed it across the net with a overshot. Sooner later, the whole class mastered that techneque and moved on.

For grip you pick up the racket up and hold it like a frying pan. It's like holding a baseball bat. Then I put the tennis ball on the racket, and started balancing it. We then had to bounce the ball on the ground with the racket, I got the hang of it.

Finally we split up into groups of 6 for a little game of tennis, but the winner stays on. I really wanted to go first but I had to be patient and wait in line. My first was up against Crusader and I spiked him with with a overhand. Then I was KING and I went on challanging other people like Kingston, It was a rally but he smashed it past me to win.

The first day of Tennis coaching was really cool. I can't wait to play next week!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice Cream Comets!

'ICE CREAM' Wow, I was hoping that we were having some for a speciel treat. I got really excited and hungry my stomach was growling. But we were Creating a comet out of of ice cream and cones for our School topic, Outta this world.

Do you know what a Comet is? Well a Comet is created from  Ice and dust and has a little tail. It also orbits our solar system. When the Comet falls apart it becomes a meteoright.

Miss Garden called out my name and I shot up. She gave me a scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream and I rushed out side as it started dripping off my fingers. It was FREZZING COLD when I let the sprinkles(fake dust) rain on top of my ice cream. When I licked it it tasted so delicious, It made me go scavenging for more.

Finally, everyone had demolished their Ice Cream and our courtyard was turned into a Ice- cream yard. All there was left were Ice Creams on the ground, cones crushed and sprinkles scattered all over the place.My mouth and fingers were completely sticky.

At the end of the day, Everyone enjoyed it. I really want to do something this another day.


Saturday, October 29, 2011


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kiwi Day Out

On the last day of the holidays, I went with Lorenzo and his family to the KIWI DAY OUT!! It was so crowded me and Lorenzo got lost and we couldn’t find his family. We saw all kinds of stalls from the Rugby World Cup, like Samoan and Wales.

There were so many games we didn’t know which ones to play, But we decided to go play with my friend Kane. So we waited in line for Tug of War . It was our turn and I had Butterflys in my tummy as the instructor said pull!!! I struggled to grip my feet on to the ground, but in the end I  manage to win.

After playing games, Lorenzo, Kane and I walked over to the shops.But then I spotted people giving away free Ice blocks and drinks, we wanted some of that! So we sprinted over and the workers handed us some Fruju Ice Blocks, they were delicious.

Suddenly on the stage there was a very famous person from NZ singing Little Black Box. And his name was Stan Walker!! I just stopped and started listening to his songs for a while, and I was AMAZED.

Finally Lorenzo and I walked back over to the car and we were tired and hot.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Albatross's Life Cycle

 My reading groud has been learning  the about the life cycle and putting it all in a presentation.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

All Blacks Haka

This is a animation that I have drawn by the All Blacks Ka Mate Haka.

RWC Countries

Room 17 hass been researching and animating countries in the Rugby World Cup. The 2 countries I picked was Canada and Argentina.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

RWC Poster

I have drawn and painted a Rugby World Cup poster representing myself. It is the Tongan shield and the Strongest  Fish in Tonga called the Hakula.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Warriors VS Cowboys u20's GRAND FINAL

The First Try was awarded to the Cowboys on kick off, they went straight through the line and scored. They scored in 28 seconds of the first half as the Cowboys thought it was to easy to win.

 In the last ten minutes of the game The Cowboys caught up by scoring three more tries to  equal the score. I was getting nervous as the kicker for the cowboys missed the conversion to go into golden point.

As the game went into golden point, the warriors won the coin toss to receive the ball. When it was last tackle for the warriors Carlos Tuimavavae booted it down the field so the Cowboys don’t get close to the post. It was warriors ball and their half back Jorden Mead got the drop goal to win the GRAND FINAL!!!!

I think this was a very close game but I thought that the Warriors were going to win by a lot

My Tongan Tournament.

On October the 1st I played for the u12's Tongan team. I had to wake up at 5:30 because  my brother and I had to go on a long trip down to Ngaruawahia to play in a tournament.

The teams that were there were Costline district, Maori's and Waikato. All the teams were a challenge. My team walked over to our tent and put our gear on. Then We started training and practicing our sets and doing our moves.

Our first game was at 10:00 against the Waikato team. We did our haka then it was kick off. There was this huge guy how received the ball and he was scary. The first try scorer was Saake He is a powerful player and he is very fast. In the end we won 32-0.

In the End of the whole tournament we won the knock out cup.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maui and Matau

This is instructions on how to Maui and Matau.

 The first thing you have to do is everyone has to stand and a circle, then we get rakaus (Stick)  and skip one person. Then when the leader calls out Maui(left) or Matau(right) we have to move left or right before the rakau touch the ground and you would be out.

AFL Coaching

Isn't AFL an Australian game? I was in trigued when I heard there were Aussie Rules Coaching, coming into teach us how to play. We are Kiwi kids!

The Drop punt was the first thing we had to learn. To get this  technique correct, we had to keep laces away from faces to kick the ball. “This will be easy pesy” as I felt confident to hit Mr S with the ball.

Next we had to learn the hand pass. It is a little bit different  then us Kiwis, how we pass in rugby. ouch!! I really hurt my hand when I tried the hand pass.

The very last Technique we had to do was learning how to mark. There were high marks,chest marks and a digger Mark. “MARK” as I catched the ball.

I’m looking foward to putting all these skills into practice, when we  get to play a real game of AFL.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Polar Bears

The polar bear is the largest bear in the world. It lives on ice, and in the Arctic Ocean near the North Pole.

Polar bears have thick White coating of hair to keep them warm. They have sharp teeth to grab their food. Sharp claws, and bumpey paws to give them grip on ice

Usually Polar Bears live alone. But if the Mother has a cub She has to protect it for 2 and a half years, and  teaches the Cub how to hunt for food.

The Polar bear hunts seals for their main course. As the seal gasps for air through the breathing holes, the Polar Bear flips it out of the Ocean with their huge paws. And the Polar bear eats its prey with their sharp claws.

In the wild Polar Bears live for 20 years. In a Zoo one managed lived for 41 years.

Monday, September 12, 2011

RWC Tonga Vs Canada

On Wednesday the 14th September Tonga are playing Cananda at Northland Events Centre. I think the score would be 21-14 to Tonga.

Rugby World Cup Began

Finally, the Rugby World Cup began, as the Opening Ceremony for 2011 started it all off. There was a huge celebration for all over the world.`

The Opening Ceremony was a blast. Maori people performed many things, li
ke a huge Haka in front of a screaming crowd. The FireWorks were also a big hit, the biggest one ever in NZ.

The game that started the World Cup off was All Blacks vs Tonga. The 2 Hakas were the main thing I wanted to see,it showed the team determination and pride to play. I was really excited about this game despite the score not quite being what I expected from the All Blacks.Although the city struggled with huge
crowd, almost everyone argreed that the opening ceremony was a huge success.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Running For His Life

This is and image that I have drawn on Tux Paint about a person running for his life.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Caring for Birds

This is a presentation about what to do when you find a bird.
My reading group has been learning to find information from different sources.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


One day a lady named Donna came to our school to teach us how to play Badmington. I’ve played it before, so I think it would be easy but I realised it wasn’t.

Of course I needed to know the rules in Badminton, 1 rule is that you need to serve the Shuttle over the net. Another one is the the shuttle has to land on the opponents ground to win. And the last rule is if the shuttle hits the net your out.

When I picked up the racket Donna told me to put my thumb on the logo at the top of the handle. That helped me get better. If I wanted to hit the shuttle I would have held the racket nice and loose.

Striking the Shuttle wasn’t the easiest part of them all but it’s really funny when I miss. we learnt how to do a forehand, overhand and a backhand. Those are all the strikes I enjoy doing.

It was really struggling to hit the shuttle because I had to go side to side and back and foward.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country, and a must do for travel holidays. There are multi cultural populations which have unique cultures. Also there are sophisticated restaurants in our vibrant cities.

New Zealand has a spectacular and diverse landscape, and a temperate climate.A lot of our lush rain forest,is conservation land, and protects our many native species. People in New Zealand are surrounded by oceans, because New Zealand is made up of islands.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Whale Child Wordle

This is a wordle of words from a book that I have been reading

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ireland RWC

This term our school has given a country for the RWC 2011 that we represent and it is Ireland. They are a tough team because their history is is about war. I have made a webpage about where they play and who they play.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

I believe that the R.W.C in New Zealand would be great for NZ economically and socially because some of the money would go to help build up Christchurch and it would help our community of Pt England get better. So keep your eye on the ballNZ.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Game 3 State Of Origin

It was game 3 in the State Of Origin and it was a battle between NSW and QLD. I went for Queensland because they have the best players and they have won for 5 years and I was hoping for 6 years. As New South Wales put boot to ball Sam Thaiday received it and ran a storming run to the defense. My favorite player in the team is Darius Boyd.

Suddenly in the second half QLD had a drop out and it fell in the hands of Anthony watmough. He ran very and shrugged out of the tackle of Ashlie Harrison and he twisted around and broke JONATHAN THURSTONS LEG!!!!!!! But the good thing was we was only out for 6 weeks. And in the end the score was 34-24 to QUEENSLAND!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Flag

This is my flagthat I have designed that relates to my culture and where I live.

We need a Makeover

Rubric marked by my classmate Litia.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

On the trail

I have drawn a motorbike track because my reading group read a book called On The Trail and it is about a boy and his motorbike.

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Christmas Caral

I have been reading a book called a Christmas Coral written by Charles Dickens. And this is a Add Imagegreat book to read. It will be podcasted on KPE soon.

Monday, June 27, 2011


This is a poster about compensation.

Amazing Stickers

Me and my reading group have read a book called Amazing Stickers written by Alan Bagnall. It is a really interesting book to read.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Partly Cloudy

The title of this movie review is called Partly Cloudy.The main Characters in this review are Cloud's, Stalk's and a whole bunch of babies. It all start when Clouds are delivering babies of all type of breeds. But there is one cloud that makes dangerous creatures like Crocodiles, Goats and Eels. In the end the stalk flew to another Cloud and asked for some armor, but the other cloud thought that he left him. After a while the stalk came back and was ready for the delivery. I would rate this review 9/10.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Krisnan Inu

My favorite player in the NRL player is Krisnan Inu He is the best Winger I have ever seen. His former club was the Parramatta Eels with Jarryd Hayne. He has scored more the 5 tries this year for the Warriors And he is the best. He has very cool boots and I have boots just like those. He has a good step and he is great under the high ball.

Warriors vs Tigers

On a Sunday afternoon The Warriors took on the strong team and they were the West Tigers. And the Warriors were wearing the New Zealand flag on their jersey.I was hoping that we would win and take out their main star Benji Marshall. He is the best player and their team and he has some Magic in his hands.

The hooter went off and they started the game off with an excited first half. Kevin Locke was playing his and The Beast is back with the Warriors and back on track. By the time it was half time the score was 6-4 and the Warriors were leading by two points.

When the second half started the Warriors were scoring tries after tries but the Tigers Fought back by breaking the Warriors line and making their score more higher. And in the end the Tigers won :(

Redesigning The Courtyard

Me and Kingston have been working on redesigning Room 17's courtyard .I choose to put in these picnic tables in our courtyard because I would not want to sit on the ground for the rest of the year. I have researched the Internet but the price's were more then a thousand dollars. We need picnic tables because it would be more better if people would hang out in the courtyard.

The second thing me and Kingston added to the design was sunshade. I would like to have sun shades because if it is very hot I could relax under the sun shade.We searched up the Internet but we could not find anything. I think we would need the sunshade for the summertime when it is hot.

The final idea me and Kingston added to the design was a new water fountain. We would want a new water fountain because it is really small and the water go's all over your mouth when you drink from it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Room 17's courtyard makeover

Yesterday room 17 have been trying to redesign our courtyard. But our teachers said we are not allowed to put a play ground or a water fountain.

So me and my friend Kingston searched up the Internet and Thought about putting some new steal eating tables. Then we made a new sun shade over the eating tables. And we made the steps more wider.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Oktapodi Movie Review

The name of this movie review is Oktapodi. It was filmed in a Greek VillageThe main Character's in this movie is a Chief and a Male and a female Octopus couple. The main action in this movie is the feThe name of this movie review is Oktapodi. It was filmed in a Greek Village The main Character's in this movie is a Chief and a Male and a female Octopus couple. The main action in this movie is the female got token by a Chief and the male Octopus went to go save her. The main Message of this movie is to never give up on who you love. I would recommend this movie because it is a really exciting movie

As the Octopus couple reunited,a Seagull grabbed the slimy male octopus and flew away. The female octopus got so angry that the slingshots herself to the seagull......... She blasted of as she shot black ink at the seagull. The seagull let go of the Male octopus and they both swam off into the reef. And lived happily ever after.ef and the male Octopus went to go save her. The main Message of this movie is to never give up on who you love. I would recommend this movie because it is a really exciting movie