Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maui and Matau

This is instructions on how to Maui and Matau.

 The first thing you have to do is everyone has to stand and a circle, then we get rakaus (Stick)  and skip one person. Then when the leader calls out Maui(left) or Matau(right) we have to move left or right before the rakau touch the ground and you would be out.

AFL Coaching

Isn't AFL an Australian game? I was in trigued when I heard there were Aussie Rules Coaching, coming into teach us how to play. We are Kiwi kids!

The Drop punt was the first thing we had to learn. To get this  technique correct, we had to keep laces away from faces to kick the ball. “This will be easy pesy” as I felt confident to hit Mr S with the ball.

Next we had to learn the hand pass. It is a little bit different  then us Kiwis, how we pass in rugby. ouch!! I really hurt my hand when I tried the hand pass.

The very last Technique we had to do was learning how to mark. There were high marks,chest marks and a digger Mark. “MARK” as I catched the ball.

I’m looking foward to putting all these skills into practice, when we  get to play a real game of AFL.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Polar Bears

The polar bear is the largest bear in the world. It lives on ice, and in the Arctic Ocean near the North Pole.

Polar bears have thick White coating of hair to keep them warm. They have sharp teeth to grab their food. Sharp claws, and bumpey paws to give them grip on ice

Usually Polar Bears live alone. But if the Mother has a cub She has to protect it for 2 and a half years, and  teaches the Cub how to hunt for food.

The Polar bear hunts seals for their main course. As the seal gasps for air through the breathing holes, the Polar Bear flips it out of the Ocean with their huge paws. And the Polar bear eats its prey with their sharp claws.

In the wild Polar Bears live for 20 years. In a Zoo one managed lived for 41 years.

Monday, September 12, 2011

RWC Tonga Vs Canada

On Wednesday the 14th September Tonga are playing Cananda at Northland Events Centre. I think the score would be 21-14 to Tonga.

Rugby World Cup Began

Finally, the Rugby World Cup began, as the Opening Ceremony for 2011 started it all off. There was a huge celebration for all over the world.`

The Opening Ceremony was a blast. Maori people performed many things, li
ke a huge Haka in front of a screaming crowd. The FireWorks were also a big hit, the biggest one ever in NZ.

The game that started the World Cup off was All Blacks vs Tonga. The 2 Hakas were the main thing I wanted to see,it showed the team determination and pride to play. I was really excited about this game despite the score not quite being what I expected from the All Blacks.Although the city struggled with huge
crowd, almost everyone argreed that the opening ceremony was a huge success.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Running For His Life

This is and image that I have drawn on Tux Paint about a person running for his life.