Saturday, September 4, 2010


NRL is made out of many teams like Gold Coast Titans and the Vodafone Warriors. (I support those teams.) NRL started in 1908 and is still continuing to 2010. I believe that the Warriors are going to the semi finals for 2010. The first teams that joined NRL were the Sydney Roosters, the Penrith Panthers and Balmain Tigers. The first and second to last to join NRL were the Vodafone Warriors and the Gold coast Titans. Back in the days I liked it when legend Mal Maninga was init he was the best!! I liked NRL since I was maybe six I think. Last of all my favourite NRL player will have to be Kevin Locke


  1. Hi starford

    I support the Vodafone warriors too because I think they are a pretty good team. Anyway I liked reading this post. Would be nice to comment on some more good work.

  2. Hi Starford, I don't like thhe warriors and the Titans, but I do like the Panthers and the Tigers. My favorite olden day player is Wally 'The King' Lewis. Now is Benji Marshall. Keep up the good posts. I will be back to comment on your blog.


  3. Hi Starford,

    I support the Vodafone warriors I think their the best. Who do you think is the best out of the Titans and the Warriors?


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