Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bay Roskill vs Mt Wellington Warriors

Today on Saturday the Mt Wellington Warriors faced the Bay Roskill Vikings. The last time we vs them we lost 32-18 everyone was up set till today we won 36-0 to us but is was a little bit easy. "Heads or tails'' the referee said it was heads and we were receiving the ball. Kick off the ball went flying to the side line Steven (my friend) caught the ball and step step and tackle. When it was last Bradley booted it off down the field and we chased like an army of soldiers. Smash he got hit!! After a few minutes later the referee blew the Wiesel and it was half time and we were leading 12-0 and at the end we won. And my friend Owen came to my house and brought some KFC.

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  1. You are quick Starford! Good on you! I've just got home from the U13 game against Papatoetoe. We won too! Great to hear that your team is doing so well. We played the same club a few weeks ago and sadly we got hammered! How did you and Lepa do today? KFC is your treat for a good game? Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, I have no doubt you'll be watching the Warriors like I will be tomorrow. A few people I spoke to today say that Warriors are going to lose by a big margin. I hope not. Go the Warriors!
    Mrs Tele'a


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