Monday, June 18, 2012

Favourite Place

Last week my class has been given a task to take photo’s of our favorite place. We can only take photos around and outside of school.Everyone has to sketch the photo and paint it because it might go in our school art gallery for Point England to put on show case.

I favorite place that I picked was the Intermediate block (A.K.A the street. ) I choose this photo to sketch because I really like hanging out, and talking in there with my friends on the bean bags. Also I like playing ping pong when I am really bored because it pumps me up more. Sometimes I don’t like it in there because it is too loud and everyone keeps running around and it makes me angry.

It was very difficult to pick my photo because I have many different favorite places like, the rugby fields, the drinking fountains and the breeze. But.......I had to pick one and that one was the street.

After we have took our photo we have to sketch in a style of artist.The style of artist that I am going to sketch  for my favorite place is Vincent Van Gogh. I really liked his style because he does little strokes, makes it realistic and he mixes colours on the paper,nice and careful. And I really like it.

Our art gallery is next week I wish you can come see all the wonderful thing there, You will like it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cooking time

Now it is the second term in Tech we have changed classes from hard material to food. I really like hard material because I wanted to make something cool and I hope I have a blast in this class.

Arriving at Tamaki, I went straight to my class, put on my apron, and washed my hands. Getting more and more excited with each step I took, I went to my bench with my two partners, Kingston and Potaua. All three of us had a job to do and I was the washer(I washed the dishes) Potaua was the drier and Kingston was the packer.

The food that we were making was dutch apple pie. When I heard that, I was so excited and wanted to start baking. First we had to get our ingredients and equipment. I had to get the apple, peeler, small measuring bowl and a sharp knife. I started peeling the apple and when I finished,  I sliced it into nice thin cuts. My partner, Potaua gave me the bowl and I had to work the pastry with my hands. After rubbing the pastry together, Kingston had to smooth it into the pan and put the apple slices on. “Bench eight, please bring your pan” called Mrs Heka (our teacher.) We quickly gave her our pie to put in the oven. Now all we had to do was wait!

Finally It was time to eat I got more excited as the smell came to my senses. As Mrs Heka called someone from our group I went up and grabbed some mittens to hold it and take it back to my bench. We all looked at it, and it looked delicious, Potaua cut it into equal halves. I tool a bit and it felt like I was in heaven. After a while my stomach was full with beautiful pie.

As you'lveI am looking forward to my next week at tech making more wonderful food.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Angel Experience

This term our classroom 18 have been studying reading novels. My group the (Einsteins) have been reading a action book called The Angel Experience.It is a very exciting book to read so you should read it yourself. You will love it.

So far I’ve read from chapter one-nine and I am really hooked into this novel.This week we are learning how to understand extended text and look for interesting vocabulary in the novel.This story has 6 main Characters and they are only 98% human and the other 2% is a big impact. The other two percent is mutant people who can fly.

Max is the Leader of the family, Iggy,Gasman,Angle,Nudge and Fang. he is a 14 year old teenager called Max. Max is a person that can fly, fight and is very tough, if you think max is a boy you're thinking wrong its a girl!!!! She fights tough,scary people called erasers (Mutant wolf people)

Based on this chapter I would give it a 10/10. I gave it a 10 because it has many action in this chapter and I also like all of the very interesting vocab in the text. And I like how the author because he makes me feel like they're talking to me.

I really like this book and I am really interested in reading more chapters.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ping Pong

As I was at school, I had nothing to do so I walked around and I went into the street (the intermediate block) and I saw some of my friends playing ping pong. I went over there and I joined in with them.

Ping pong is a game you play with 2 people. Each player has one paddle and one person serves the ball to the other player. The aim of the game is to try 6 points before the other person. And try make the other person hit the ball to the net or hitting the ball out on a full.

Waiting in line as it got shorter, I was getting more and more excited. It was my turn and I grabbed the paddle. It was my opponent’s serve the and ball landed onto my side and I hit it hard right back at him. He missed it and it  was 1-0 to me, the score was up to 6 and at the moment I’m winning. sooner later the game was 4-6 to my opponent and he won.

At the end of the game it was really fun to play, and very exciting.