Friday, November 30, 2012

Star/Nez Falling Apart

As Chris woke up, he walked over to the window and opened the curtains, “Ahhhhhh, isn’t it a beautiful day.” he sighed.  Tarsha walked into his room and stopped, “Do you want to come for a walk?” she asked
“Where too?” replied Chris
“Grandpa's place” Tarsha said
“Of course I’ll come, I love grandpa” Chris replied with love

While they were walking over to their grandpa’s house, they spotted a crowd of paparazzi, news reporters and police surrounding his house.  The both of them quickly ran over and saw that he was lying on the ground covered with blood! “NO!”  Chris and Tarsha yelled! “WHO WOULD HURT AN INNOCENT MAN LIKE HIM?!!” tears started pouring down from their eyes, they...were...miserable!

Chris fell onto his knees and closed his eye. “There heavenly father we all know that he has done some bad things, but everyone aren’t perfect, so can you please, please, please... Take care of him  and guide him through  all the things he will do with you.  (he started to cry even more) and in the name of jesus christ amen”   Souking with tears, Chris felt like half of him just fell apart.

Chris tilt his head up and walked over to his grandpa. “I love you” as he whispered to him.  He gave his grandpa a kiss on the cheek and cried even more.  Tarsha did exactly the same thing as what Chris has done.  “Tarsha...” Chris said unsurely “Why did it have to be grandpa to die?”  
“I have no idea” said Tarsha
“Just put it this way,  Grandpa died to live in a better place all peacefully with Jesus”

Chris smiled and felt better, but  every day he would think about his grandpa, and what happened to him..

Friday, November 23, 2012


Do you know how to make a simple toy? Well my class, room 18 have been working on how to make a toy. If you want to know why we’re doing this, its because our new topic for this term is TOY STORY!

I’m making a little toy Missile. I think that it would be a awesome cool toy to play with. This toy is really  good because it doe’s not break very easily and I think this is a good toy that you would enjoy

It is very easy to make a toy missile because it only take 20 minutes to make it, and it’s not that complicated

All you need is some is some of these equipment and ,wala, you got a toy missile

  • straws

  • paper cups

  • scissors

  • glue

  • card stocks

  • markers

Click here to see how to make one Missile

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Manaiakalani Film Festival

Do you know what a film festival is? well, if you don’t know, it is a show where many different schools come together to watch some films that they have put together.

“Are you going to the manaiakalani film festival?” I asked my friend Jephte “ Yip, I can’t wait!”  he replied, as we hopped off the bus to Sylvia Park, we went up the escalators to the Hoyts cinemas and I saw other schools like, tamaki College and Panmure bridge. Everyone walked into the xtreme screen and  into their seats.

finally, the film festival  started. I got so excited for the first video I couldn’t stop moving  around,  I heard a  song playing and it was  ‘One thing’ by One direction. All of the girls started screaming and I just blocked my ears, it is about  some kids from Pt England and  Tamaki College  acting as One Direction.  Here is the clip of the video

If you want to watch all of the movies you can click on this link to go straight to the site Manaiakalani film festival

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Unexpected Pyramid

On a hot sunny day , there was a brother and a sister that loved to travel around the world together with their uncle. Their name’s were Josh (uncle) Tarsha (sister) Chris (little brother)

“What’s this” said Tarsha
“It looks like a Pyramid”  replied Chris
“You’re right...Its is a Pyramid” Josh said with excitement
“Would use like to visit this place?” asked Josh
“Yes please” as Tarsha and chris said together.  Josh whispered to himself “Only if I knew how to get there”  He heard something “All aboard!” yelled the owner of the ship.  Josh ran as fast as he could to stop him before he leaves.  “Would you mind if you take us to this place?” As Josh showed the owner the picture. “Yes I could take use there”as the owner said nicely.  “Come on kids, because we are going to see the Pyramid.  

1 day later

“Finally we're here” as the owner of the ship shouted
“Its beautiful” as Tarsha’s lured to the Pyramid  
“Yes it is” as Josh agreed with Tarsha

They approached the Pyramid and saw people walking around with posters going to people and giving it to them.   One of them gave a poster to Chris and it says “Welcome to the Unpredicted Pyramid”
“Unpredicted?” As Josh said unexpected
“How is it Unpredicted?” Chris said
“Who knows...Lets just go” As Tarsha said with no shame

They all walked up the Pyramid.  They were halfway up the stairs and Chris was already exhausted.  “Need...Water...”  As Chris said dieing for a drink.  Josh pulled out a cold drink from his backpack and lend it to Chris.  GLUG GLUG GLUG  “Ahhhhhhhhhh” as Chris said fully satisfied.  

“We’re almost there” said Tarsha
“We can do it” as Josh replied
“I can’t make it” As the heat took over Chris.  
“Come on! We’re almost there” yelled Josh.  The heat was just too hot for them to continue walking up.  Slower and slower the heat  brought them down to there knees.  They all started crawling up the stairs.

They arrived to the last stair and crawled up it and fell on their back.  “We made it” as Tarsha said relieved.  

Chris was just jumping all over the place...Suddenly a hurricane appeared and targeted the Pyramid.  At first there was no sight of anything untill the hurri

Athletics Day

Remember your house colours tomorrow” Mr Brown reminded the class.  Chris just remembered that it was athletics the next day. He couldn’t stop thinking about it when he was going to sleep.

“What am I gonna come, am I gonna win?” he asked to himself

As everyone in springfield elementary sat into their age groups, Chris asked his sister Tarsha “ What's your first event?”

She shrugged her shoulders “ I’m not sure yet”  

Everyone went quiet, the Principal  shouted out on the megaphone that the 13 yr old boys were going to sprint's first. “SPRINT’S!.... NOOOO!

Walking over to the the race course, Chris started getting shivers up his spine.  “Take your mark”  the announcer said,  chris was up, “on your mark...get set......GO!” Chris was off, he had a good start but his friends were catching up. Chris really wanted to win this race so he went more harder, they were nearly at the finish line is it gonna be chris, is a gonna be taylor, no it was Chris!

As we finished all the events, there was still one more. Everyone thought that it was all done and dusted, but, Mr Brown told our group that we still have high jump, “Yes!”  I yelled out loud.  “I know I’m definitely gonna win this” as Chris said with cockyness in him

“Who’s going first?” asked Miss Sophia

“I’m gonna win this guy’s, so step back.” as Chris said with so much power to all the kids, Everyone began to laugh at him. “ what’s so funny?” asked Chris, no one replied. Chris was the first one to jump, he ran up on a perfect angle  planting his two feet on the mat and took a big leap onto the unfortunately he did not make the height, and sadly he was OUT!

After a long day of sports chris got very tired and he went home and had a rest “ ahhh, Finally, no more jumping, throwing and running” sighed Chris.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Freddy Krueger's House

Getting ready for Halloween, Tarsha said “Where should we go first?”
“I don't know” Tarsha’s brother, Chris, replied “Maybe we should start at Freddy Krueger’s house.”

“I dont think thats a good idea... He gives me the creeps.” Tarsha said with fear in her voice, as goosebumps grew on her arms.

As they approached his house, Tarsha had shivers going down her spine. Walking slower and slower, they finally arrived to his doorstep, ‘SQUEAK....SQUEAK.’  The doorbell rang unexpectedly ‘Ding Dooong.’ They looked at each other and wondered, “who pressed the bell?” The door opened a little bit and they went to check who it was...Suddenly they heard an evil laugh, ‘Muwahahahahaha’  They went inside “HELLO?!” Chris shouted to check if anyone was home.

Checking out the house, they sneaked up stairs and saw an old man rocking in his chair. “What are you doing?” Tarsha whispered urgently, Chris creeped up to him like a ninja.  “HEY!...what are you doing?” Freddy Krueger asked with a cranky voice.  Tarsha and Chris jumped up with a big fright. “Are you Freddy Krueger?” Asked Chris. “Yes and what are you doing in my house?” replied the old man.
“Ohh...Its just that umm we saw the door open so umm we thought we’ll just come and have a look”  said Tarsha scardly.  

“GET OUT!!!” Yelled the old man aggressively. They both tried to run outside but Freddy has already beaten them to the door. So he just gave them a freaky look then started laughing.

He chased them up the stairs, down the stairs and even in the basement.  They both found a hiding place so they dived in there.  “Are we safe?”  As chris said trying to get his breath back.  “shhhhhhhhh...” Tarsha said breathless.  

They heard Freddy running around yelling “I see you!”  Before you knew it he jumped out of nowhere and said “THERE YOU ARE!”  Chris and Tarsha ran for their lives screaming and yelling hoping for people to hear them.  

Chris tripped up. “Hurry up... Get up!”  As Tarsha tried to pick him up.  Freddy caught up grabbed them by the collar and lift them up. “Now I got u guys” as he said with laughter. ‘muhahahahahahaha’ They both screamed as loud as they could yelling “HEEEEELP!!!”..............To Be Continued