Friday, December 13, 2013

Prizegiving 2013

It was the year 8’s last prize giving and I was hoping I receive a award. Waiting anxiously After watching the year 6’s prize giving item dance, it was time for the Intermediate awards. First was the class awards, but I didn't win anything.

After a while, it was time for the sports awards! I felt really excited for who was going to win. “And the winner is…..Samuela!” Mr Burt called out. Everyone clapped and cheered as he won the Player of the year award for Rugby Union. He is a really talented guy that is really good a rugby. He also played in a Auckland rep team called Roller mills.

The next subject of sport was Rugby league and that was my favourite sport. My friend Kingston P won team spirit because he had good sportsmanship. Then Mr Burt called out Player of the  year and my name was called out. I was very happy of my achievements that night because I won sportsman of the year!

Sooner later, we had finished our year 8 Item dance and Mr Burts finished the night off with a prayer and everyone took photos and went home.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Starford & Crusader Podcast

This is one of my Podcast from early this year. Hope you enjoy!
Starford and Crusader podcast from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Heard A Voice

Walking through the majestic dark forest, Chris and his sister Tarsha were on a hunt trying to find food for their family. “Did you hear that?” Tarhsa whispered. While silently stepping on all the bark and dirt, they spotted a deer all on its own in the forest. Chris and Tarsha creeped upon the animal. Hiding behind the green lush bushes, Chris pulled out his bow and arrow, held his breath and was ready to slay the deer.

Focusing on the attack, Chris was seconds away from launching his arrow. “Come with me…”  Someone whispered. Chris lost focus and missed his target. The deer used his long legs and ran as fast as it could to try escape.
“What was that!?” Tarsha yelled.
“I don’t know, but lets follow it” Chris felt confident.
Jumping over tree stumps and a few rocks, Chris and Tarsha sprinted their way through the forest trying to find the one who whispered. “I heard a whisper but no-one was there” Tarsha was confused.

Chris and Tarsha were curious of the whisper. Sitting down,  Chris was thinking of who or what whispered. “Come with me….Come with me”  They quickly stood up and started running towards the whisper and it lead them to an old house in the forest. “I wonder who lives here?” Tarsha questioned. They headed into the house wondering why the whisper would bring them here.

“Hello” Chris yelled out. They creeped up stairs and saw colourful smoke coming from one of the rooms. “Muahaha” An unusual voice laughed. Lurking through the shadows, they saw a woman with a pointy hat on stirring something in a pot. “ITS A WITCH!” They both screamed as they were trying to escape the house, the Witch grabbed her broom and chased them around the house, “Get back here! I’m going to cook you in my pot” The Witch demanded “NEVER!” Chris and Tarsha Keeped running. But they never escaped that house.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Bushwalk

“ Hurry up lets GO!” Chris’s Mum shouted as him and his family were going down to the forest for a bush walk. They were going to the majestic rainforest of Queensland. The whole family wanted to get there before it started pouring down with rain. One of Chris’s brothers Jarryd, was still playing game and needed to hurry up!

Arriving at the rainforest, the sun was still shining on their faces, hoping that it would never go away. Almost quarter of the way, Chris’s sister Tarsha yelled out “ Look a baby Kangaroo!” The little joey hopped away scared to it’s mother. Everyone started getting sore legs and wanted a rest. As Chris’s family sat down, he wanted to keep going, so he did.

As Chris was walking he felt little drops of water falling straight on his face, he knew it would start raining so he went back to his family. Looking around the area they were at, they already left. After a while rain starting crashing down to the ground, Chris was running for his life looking for his family but it was too hard to see in a terrible weather. His family was at shelter waiting for the rain to stop. Chris’s Mum started getting worried and wanted to go look for him. HE WAS LOST!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Eastern Zone BasketBall

“Shoot!” Mr Barks shouted at me as I took my shot at the hoop. The School basketball team was practising for our Eastern Zone tournament at the ASB Stadium. Everyone got changed and we were sharp and ready to play some basketball.

Arriving at the ASB Stadium, our team went and sat in our seats. Looking down at the courts, I saw some good competitors and thought there were going to be some hard games. We headed to the courts to start practising our shooting and blocking.

‘Errrrrr’The siren went for the game to start. It was Pt England vs St Thomas. They had some tall players  and we did too. Raenan started dribbling the ball towards the hoop, “Yoo, yoo, yoo!” I called for the ball, he passed it and  I shot a goal. We started off with a good start and we need to keep it up.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

9/11 D.L.O Reflection

911 James Crusader Starford from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

In the past few weeks, My group and I (James and Crusader) have been working on a D.L.O (Digital Learning Object) about an event in history. We choose to do  the 9/11 attack that occurred in  New York City, September 9th, 2001. The reason why we choose that event in history is because we thought it was going to be interesting and  I don’t really know what happened in the Terrorist attack.

The positive thing was that we finished our D.L.O, our animations and our movies. I thought we did good was that we tried to show many different perspectives about Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. The Interviews were detailed. I also thought it had a bit humor added into it.

There was a few things we could've worked on to make it more effective. We  didn’t show how it affected the actual people in New York. The Information that we found out could've been shown with more detail. I reckon we could've made the animations more detailed as well because we had a lot of time.

I thought that the interview with Osama Bin Laden was really interesting and so did people that watched it. Another thing that also interested the audience and I, was how two people played the part of two or three characters.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country!!

“Are you ready for Cross Country?” My friend Samuela asked me, “Ohhh no!!” I said with anxiousness. Today was the day of our school’s Cross Country. I was really nervous. I haven’t  been running lately and I thought I was gonna be unfit.

Getting ready, everyone starting dressing up in their house colours. I’m in Mataatua which is the green house. There are four house colours, Takitimu(Yellow), Te Arawa(Red), Tainui(Blue) and Mataatua(green) My group and I from Mataatua came together and had to create a chant . It took awhile to finish but we managed to pull it off.  

It was time, the whole school gathered together in their house colours. Everyone was excited and so was I. Mrs Va'afusuaga (School sports co-ordinator) said it was time for the house colour chants, and we were first…

We tried to help motivate our runners to try hard and do their best, and hopefully they do.

In 1 hour, it was time for the yr 8’s to run. Everyone was really excited and some were really anxious. Our Principal Mr Burt said the call “On your marks...get set...GO!!” And we were off like lightning. I paced myself so i didn’t puff out while running. After a while I finally reached the finish line and I came 10th.