Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Heard A Voice

Walking through the majestic dark forest, Chris and his sister Tarsha were on a hunt trying to find food for their family. “Did you hear that?” Tarhsa whispered. While silently stepping on all the bark and dirt, they spotted a deer all on its own in the forest. Chris and Tarsha creeped upon the animal. Hiding behind the green lush bushes, Chris pulled out his bow and arrow, held his breath and was ready to slay the deer.

Focusing on the attack, Chris was seconds away from launching his arrow. “Come with me…”  Someone whispered. Chris lost focus and missed his target. The deer used his long legs and ran as fast as it could to try escape.
“What was that!?” Tarsha yelled.
“I don’t know, but lets follow it” Chris felt confident.
Jumping over tree stumps and a few rocks, Chris and Tarsha sprinted their way through the forest trying to find the one who whispered. “I heard a whisper but no-one was there” Tarsha was confused.

Chris and Tarsha were curious of the whisper. Sitting down,  Chris was thinking of who or what whispered. “Come with me….Come with me”  They quickly stood up and started running towards the whisper and it lead them to an old house in the forest. “I wonder who lives here?” Tarsha questioned. They headed into the house wondering why the whisper would bring them here.

“Hello” Chris yelled out. They creeped up stairs and saw colourful smoke coming from one of the rooms. “Muahaha” An unusual voice laughed. Lurking through the shadows, they saw a woman with a pointy hat on stirring something in a pot. “ITS A WITCH!” They both screamed as they were trying to escape the house, the Witch grabbed her broom and chased them around the house, “Get back here! I’m going to cook you in my pot” The Witch demanded “NEVER!” Chris and Tarsha Keeped running. But they never escaped that house.

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  1. Hi Starford, I am a teacher in Hawaii in the USA. Your writing is wonderful. I love your blog and will be sharing it with my students. Thank you for sharing your hard work with the world!


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