Monday, June 27, 2011


This is a poster about compensation.

Amazing Stickers

Me and my reading group have read a book called Amazing Stickers written by Alan Bagnall. It is a really interesting book to read.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Partly Cloudy

The title of this movie review is called Partly Cloudy.The main Characters in this review are Cloud's, Stalk's and a whole bunch of babies. It all start when Clouds are delivering babies of all type of breeds. But there is one cloud that makes dangerous creatures like Crocodiles, Goats and Eels. In the end the stalk flew to another Cloud and asked for some armor, but the other cloud thought that he left him. After a while the stalk came back and was ready for the delivery. I would rate this review 9/10.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Krisnan Inu

My favorite player in the NRL player is Krisnan Inu He is the best Winger I have ever seen. His former club was the Parramatta Eels with Jarryd Hayne. He has scored more the 5 tries this year for the Warriors And he is the best. He has very cool boots and I have boots just like those. He has a good step and he is great under the high ball.

Warriors vs Tigers

On a Sunday afternoon The Warriors took on the strong team and they were the West Tigers. And the Warriors were wearing the New Zealand flag on their jersey.I was hoping that we would win and take out their main star Benji Marshall. He is the best player and their team and he has some Magic in his hands.

The hooter went off and they started the game off with an excited first half. Kevin Locke was playing his and The Beast is back with the Warriors and back on track. By the time it was half time the score was 6-4 and the Warriors were leading by two points.

When the second half started the Warriors were scoring tries after tries but the Tigers Fought back by breaking the Warriors line and making their score more higher. And in the end the Tigers won :(

Redesigning The Courtyard

Me and Kingston have been working on redesigning Room 17's courtyard .I choose to put in these picnic tables in our courtyard because I would not want to sit on the ground for the rest of the year. I have researched the Internet but the price's were more then a thousand dollars. We need picnic tables because it would be more better if people would hang out in the courtyard.

The second thing me and Kingston added to the design was sunshade. I would like to have sun shades because if it is very hot I could relax under the sun shade.We searched up the Internet but we could not find anything. I think we would need the sunshade for the summertime when it is hot.

The final idea me and Kingston added to the design was a new water fountain. We would want a new water fountain because it is really small and the water go's all over your mouth when you drink from it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Room 17's courtyard makeover

Yesterday room 17 have been trying to redesign our courtyard. But our teachers said we are not allowed to put a play ground or a water fountain.

So me and my friend Kingston searched up the Internet and Thought about putting some new steal eating tables. Then we made a new sun shade over the eating tables. And we made the steps more wider.