Saturday, October 23, 2010


My favourite dance is Tecktonik and I think that this dance is better then jerking, Tecktonik is it is the best!

And my favourite group is yelle, I don't know their names but the video clip was made in feburery 15th 2008, Yelle have more the 1,000,000 viewers, Amazing right! they have the best dance I have seen in a while. Tecktonik was created in France when some people just kept dancing crazy and I think thats cool!! I hope one day I can Tecktonik like Yelle but that would have to wait...Click here to visit yelle Tecktonik

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Getting bit by a Rotweiler dog

On sunday afternoon I went to my friends house Lorenzo and he has two dogs, a Rotweiler and another one. As I went to get some bread I gave some to the Rotweiler and his name was Buster. Then we went on the trampoline and started playing wrestling. It was getting boring so Lorenzo hopped off then I did and he went to play with the other dog as I was walking with the Rotweiler. I patted the dog then all of a sudden he turned his head and bit me!!! Aaaaaaaaaa I started crying for about 10 seconds.
After that bite Lorenzo's Mum rushed me to the doctors and took me into a room and told me to wait. Lorenzo brought some cards along and we played last card. After twenty minutes or more the nurse squeezed it together and put a tiny plaster on but that was all. After waiting for twenty minutes!

Immersion Assembly

The first day of term 4 yaaaaaaaay, I am so excited to be back at school playing with my friends.
I wonder what we’re learning about.

An Immersion Assembly is when all the kids gather together an on the first day of each term and see what our new topic is. As my class and I went through the entrance doors I spotted people with costumes of bugs, and I found out that our new topic was Little Critters.

My favourite team was team 4 because it was funny! It was about a colony of bees and Mr Barks was the queen bees, while the others were servants. All of a sudden a little teddy bear rapped in toilet paper popped out and three more babies came out. It was funny!!!!!!!

My second favourite was team 3 which was the Next Top Little Critter. Mrs Barks, Miss Walter, Mrs MacKinley, Miss Maud and Miss Lavakula cat walked on to the stage and announced themselves. Mrs Barks was a black lady bug with red dots. She was showing off about how she was the prettiest when out of the blue “I love you” her husband shouted and everyone started laughing.

I hope that there could be another funny Immersion Assembly again.