Monday, December 13, 2010

Gohan Vs Cell

Gohan has been training for a day, but it felt like a year for him. Goku and Gohan were training to defeat cell and they trained very hard for that. Gohan was ready to fight Cell, Gohan powered and transformed into super saiyin 2 he was very angry so they started fighting and it began with an even round. “AAAAAAAAAAAAA” Cell yelled going into full form it made the world shake like an earthquake. All of a sudden Cell gave Gohan all he had got but with a sneaky shot Gohan toke a punch to the body then a powerful kick to the face of Cell. Making Cell angry he puts up a final blast the KAMEHAMEHA “NO” Goku said, Gohan puts on a KAMEHAMEHA too. it was the ultimate battle but in the end Gohan finished Cell off.


  1. Hey Starford

    You have posted a lot. Anyway that was a pretty complex peace of writting and even though I dont whatch dragon ball z it sounds pretty interesting. Keep it up

  2. Hi Starford,

    Woo,that was a funky battle,plus I like the pic you traced.I like the ending when Gohan end's Cell.


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