Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Journey...

“Finally, my time has come for me to prove myself” I thought positively. “I can get into this professional prestigious karate school” I said to myself. I prayed for God to give me strength for the task ahead of me. Leaping from rock to rock, with a  tenuous grip, I eventually reached the tip of the mountain. Dangling dangerously at the top of the cliff, my exhausted body managed to heave myself onto the flat rocky ledge.

Looking straight ahead, I could see a path heading to the karate school. Each step I took   towards the palace, I got more and more excited. Looking up, I saw a huge door before me. ’Knock, knock, knock..’ The master sensei opened the door. I bowed before him, but he pointed away. I sighed as I walked away sadly.

To Be Continued......

Monday, June 24, 2013

Protein song!

Today, My friends and I created a song. about protein. We sang it to a song called #beautiful by Miguel and Mariah Carey. They are viral celebrity that get million's of hits on their songs. Hope you like it!

You  know.... you need protein,
Many foods contain protein...
but the best sources are... beef and dairy products.
ohhh ohhh.

Protein builds,and replaces the tissues in your body.
With Muscles like that
Oh, you’re killing me.

Oh you’re Healthy...And you know you are, yeahh
You’re healthy.

Friday, June 21, 2013

6 hats

6 Hats:

Blue Hat:
Starford:focus more on what we need to do
Kingston: I need to stop mucking around and get some work done.

Red Hat:
Starford: I felt really motivated this week while making our video
Kingston: I felt like we needed to do more work.

Black Hat:
Starford: I didn't enjoy planning the movie
Kingston: I didn’t enjoy editing

Yellow Hat:
Starford: I enjoyed  doing the funny parts in our video
Kingston: I enjoyed working with my mates.

Green Hat:
Kingston: An interesting thing that happen this week was that we actually finished our movie.
Starford: A interesting fact that happened this week

White Hat:
Starford: I learnt that we need to stop mucking around.    
Kingston: I learnt how to hold an Ipad.

Monday, June 17, 2013

My Sister's Big Wedding!

“I’m so proud of you” my mum said to my eldest sister Denisha, the day before her wedding. I couldn’t stop thinking about how old she’s gotten since she was a kid. Everyone was really excited for her big day, and so was I! My sister was really happy and anxious for her big day.

The person that was getting married to my sister was this Tongan guy called Nela (Daniel Havili). He’s been together with my sister for three years and they decided that they wanted to be together forever. He’s funny, cool, tall, good looking and a fob.

Waking up, I quickly jumped out of bed. It was the day of the wedding. All the boys dressed up into their suits that they were wearing to the wedding, I was really excited because it was the first time I had ever worn a suit. After my hair was done, we were just on time for the limo to come pick us up.  

Sitting in the limo, we waited to get to the place we were going which was Waipuna.  Arriving there, we hopped out and went to the reception. My brother(Lepa) and I walked my sister down the aisle, hugged her, then handed her to her dad. He walked her to the front, where they were getting married. As my sister Denesha and Daniel were doing their thing, they both said ‘I do’ and everyone started clapping. They walked out happily together.

After celebrating their wedding, the boys did a fijian dance and it was really cool!  everyone had a big feed and a good time.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

State Of Origin!

Finally, the time has come for the Nrl teams NSW (New South Wales) and QLD (Queensland) to come together to battle for the State Of Origin shield! The last seven years that Origins been played, Queensland has won all of them.

State of Origin is a best of three series of National Rugby League matches between the Nsw Blues and the Qld Maroons, who represents parts of Australia. Some reason’s why I like State Of Origin is because all the lethal fights and big hits!

My team is Queensland! They’ve won the last 7 Origin’s and hopefully this year they can make it 8.  I like Qld because they have some of my favorite players like Greg Inglis, Billy Slater, Darius Boyd and Johnathan Thurston. My best player from back in the days were Mal meninga and Darren Lockyer.

My prediction for the first person to score in Qld is Darius Boyd, he plays fullback for the Newcastle Knights. If you're wondering why i choose him, it's because he’s a good high flyer, he’s fast and he’s a good runner.


Energy Drinks Report

Energy drinks are really popular nowadays, more than 1,000 energy drinks are been sold each day. Energy drinks are beverages like Red Bull, RockStar and Monster. There used for different reasons like recovery or a energy boost before sports.
I like energy drinks because they are nice and it gives me energy. They not just increase your level of enthusiasm but they also puts your confidence up. The reason why drinks like Powerade, Loaded and gatorade provide us with energy is because it has lots of sugar and caffeine. Carbohydrates are need for our body, and  energy drinks have that.

One reason why I worry about drinking too much energy drinks is because of the drugs in it, It’s also addicted.  I found out that a 18 yr old Irish athlete teen died after drinking a few Red Bull cans.

Caffeine is the most common ingredient that is used in a energy drink. It’s also the chemical that provides the energy boost.