Monday, October 29, 2012

The Bush Walk

“ Hurry up lets GO!” Chris’s Mum shout as him and his family were going down to the forest for a bushwalk. They were going to the wonderful rainforest of Queensland. the whole family wanted to get there before it started pouring down with rain. One of chris’s brothers Jarryd, was still playing game and needed to hurry up!

arriving at the rainforest, the sun was still shining on their face’s, hoping that it would never go away. Almost ¼ of the way, chris’s sister Tarsha Yelled out “ Look a baby Kangaroo!” The little joey hopped away scared to it’s mother.Everyone started getting sore legs and wanted a rest. As Chris’s family sat down, he wanted to keep going, so he did

As Chris was walking he felt little drops of water falling straight on his face, he knew it would start raining so he went back to his family. Looking around the area they were at, they already left. After a while rain starting crashing down to the ground, Chris was running for his life looking for his family but it was too hard to see in a terrible weather. His family was at shelter waiting for the rain to stop. Chris’s Mum started getting worried and wanted to go look for him. HE WAS LOST!

The rain started to calming down and they went to go look for Chris. “ Chris are you there? Chris” the Mum shouted out, No one replied....But Jarryd  saw something moving a long way ahead they ran towards him and quickly took him to safety. He was freezing cold, so they wrapped him in their jackets to keep him warm.

After all that drama they all were safe and went home together as a family.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


“Ahhhhhhhhh,“ my mum sighed. “Isn’t it a beautiful day to go down to the beach?”

“Great idea Mum,” I said , as we all began to get our gear ready to go.

Getting out of the car quickly, I ran excitedly  to the beach .  My  excitement  soon turned to disappointment when I caught my first glimpse of the water.THE TIDE WAS OUT!. On such a sunny day I so badly wanted a swim..

“Should we go home now?” one of my bigger sisters asked sadly.

None of us wanted that to happen, so, we decided  to wait for the tide to come back. Our plan was to stay and play on the playground while we waited for the water to return. After what seemed to be an eternity , I finally saw the beautiful, cool water was coming in and everyone began to cheer.  I ran into it,happy to finally be able to cool off.

Even though  we had to wait for the fun to begin, each one of us enjoyed our day at the beach.

Hopefully, we get to do it again...soon!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Entry

Entering school grounds, I saw all my mates talking about the new topic for this term(term 4.) As I walked over to them, I asked “what's the new topic?” “I don’t know” one of them replied. I went into class and I saw a big sign saying ‘TOY STORY’.