Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Getting bit by a Rotweiler dog

On sunday afternoon I went to my friends house Lorenzo and he has two dogs, a Rotweiler and another one. As I went to get some bread I gave some to the Rotweiler and his name was Buster. Then we went on the trampoline and started playing wrestling. It was getting boring so Lorenzo hopped off then I did and he went to play with the other dog as I was walking with the Rotweiler. I patted the dog then all of a sudden he turned his head and bit me!!! Aaaaaaaaaa I started crying for about 10 seconds.
After that bite Lorenzo's Mum rushed me to the doctors and took me into a room and told me to wait. Lorenzo brought some cards along and we played last card. After twenty minutes or more the nurse squeezed it together and put a tiny plaster on but that was all. After waiting for twenty minutes!


  1. Ouch! You must have got such a fright! I hope that your hand is healing well. I love to be around dogs too, sometimes I get nervous of them. How do you feel about them now? You take care - might pay to ask Lorenzo - or the owner of dogs what you should or shouldn't do around them - just to be safe.
    Mrs Tele'a

  2. Hi Starford
    When the dog bit you did it hurt? If I got bitten by a Rotweiler I would of been crying too.

    From KingstonL

  3. How strong did you pat that dog? It may have alarmed his defensive instinct. Anyway, it's a good thing that you're not diagnosed with rabies. Some dogs are extremely dangerous. Not only they have one heck of a bite, but can also be a rabies carrier. Always take precaution when you are around your dog.


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