Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Never Turning Back

Can you imagine what it is like without a Net-book?  I would never want to turn back to paper and pencil, NEVER!!!

Back in the days(last year) it was horrible, we used pencils and paper, and it was booooring! We always have to do our work with the teacher and we didn't get much done. Sometimes it really comes in handy because if you break a pencil you can get another one, but if you break your net-book it takes a long time to repair.

With our net-books we can learn more then before. Everyone knows what their doing because our class goes to a place called sites, it shows what your group is doing. It really help when I do my writing, I don’t hurt my hand and on the net-book its much faster.  But the Internet connection is not that good some times.

Now my work that I do goes on my blog. And I share it with world. Last year I write on a piece of paper but no one read it. It is really better now I can share my work.

Now that I have a net-book I can not imagine going back to working on paper.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Jumping at the Point.

On Saturday It was so hot, so me Richard and Ahsin went to the Point England beach. As we got to the beach I saw some new stairs. It was a bit shallow so we waited till it was high tide. Finally we got to jump off the rocks, and I was very excited. I ran and jumped as high as I could, and it was freezing cold.