Thursday, April 29, 2010

Starford Boy

In the holiday me and my family went to watch Boy it is really funny! first we had to wait till 4:30 pm, while we were waiting I went inside the game room and played a shooting game called time crisis . After that we brought some pop corn & drinks. I am excited because Boy is about to start, It is about a boy and his dad comes to visit them, The kids were so excited to see him. The next day the dad went to look for some money in a field and boy found it and didn't tell his dad. At the end Boys little brother Rocky thought his dad went to japan. The best bit was when Boy showed shadanay his Michael jackson moves.

The End.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Camp kindness 2010

In term 1 the year five,six and sevens had a camp at PT.England school.It was very fun because it was my first time going camping.I was so excited to go on our first trip.

Our first trip was to go bowling it was really cool.We got our shoes on and went to go bowl.Seni-Mino was first and I was second.When it was my turn I picked up a bowling ball I through it down the lane and I nearly got a strike but I didn't I bowled eight over.

After that we went to rock climbing It was really cool But I it was my first time going. I was really good because me and Brooklyn had a race up the jack and the bean stalk and I won I got 22 seconds.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

In the Christmas holidays Haiti had a earth quake and thousands of people died. It caused missing people, broken houses and huge cracks in the roads.

So lots of singers made a new version of 'We are the World' to raise lots of money to help the people of Haiti have a better life.

I really like the new version of 'We are the World 25 Haiti' because all the good singers came together as one to sing for Haiti and it was amazing! My brother and I like the bit where Michael Jackson sang the chorus.