Thursday, June 17, 2010

Michel Jackson

Last year in 2009 Michael Jackson died,it was very sad because he was the king of pop. Michael Jackson had the best songs liked thriller, man in the mirror and heal the world.What a disasters!

When he arrived to his last performance "this is it" He told everyone there that it was his last show and when Michel Jackson started singing halfway through he fainted and never woke up. After a while lots of ambulances arrived and took him to the hospital but he still never woke up. And that was the last of Michel Jackson.


  1. Hey Starford,

    Kayde Here. WOW Michael Jackson is a 'POP LEGEND!!!' A bad thing he died, I had some tears after dying after FAMOUS performences! Even though he's dead, he will always live on as a LEGEND!!!! Well thats all I got time for,

    From Kayde

  2. Hi Starford,
    It was a tragedy when Michael Jackson died. He was one of my favourite singers. My favourite song that he sang was "THIS IS IT". It was touching when I first heard it. He was great. I miss him.keep up the good work.
    God bless.

    By Joshua


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