Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Funnest Night Ever

"Finally my first social" as I said to myself.I’m so excited to go, my friends and I have been talking about it for the whole week. I can't wait to go!

As I arrived at the school, I saw a few of my friends and they were looking mean. Waiting outside unpationtly I just wanted to get in. I saw the prefects coming to un locked the doors and I payed my ticket and I was in.

Jumping up and down on the dance floor, Selina (a prefect) called out on the microphone that there was the first competition it it was the dougie battle. Everyone started screaming. The song started playing and one of my friends  james went in pretty confident trying to win. After a while I jumped and I was rocking the crowd, but in the end there was only one winner and that was Nezinli.

I wish we could do this every term because that was the funnest night ever!

Monday, September 17, 2012

VolleyBall trials

One day when I looked at the sports board, I noticed that there were volleyball trials with Mr Barks. I thought about it and decided to try out for the team, but I knew it was going to be a challenge because there were many people that were good at this sport. I will have to try hard.

It was time, the trials were today and I was getting nervous. Looking at everyone, they all looked confident and excited. I had to get my game face on. The server from my opponents team served underhand. The ball sailed over the net at my friend and he put it up for me and I hit it over. Beeeeeep, after blowing his whistle Mr Barks reminded us,“you’ve got to do two hits before spiking, if you just keep hitting it over it's like you're giving a gift to them.”

After that trial, I put everything into it and I kept wiping sweat off my face like window wipers.
Our next trial was the following week and I made it in. I just need to keep trying hard and hopefully I get onto the team.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Mini Olympics

Running into class on a dark rainy day, I saw everyone crowding around the teachers table. I went to go have a look, and Mr Barks was writing our house team colours on our hands. “What are we doing” I questioned clueless, and one of my friends replied that we are doing a mini Olympics.

Well..we went on to our first activity with Mrs M (our mentor), and it was jump jam. “I haven't done that for a while” one of my friends said to himself.  I don’t really enjoy jump jam so I think it’s going to be really bored. But, who ever wins this challenge gets 50 points, so I got to get straight into it. Wiping sweat off my face, it was getting a bit physical. It was time to change over now to our next activity, we were all exhausted.

The best activity for me was the Singer Star. I reckon it was the best for me because it was really funny. Some people were flat and some people didn’t know the song so they hummed. IT WAS FUNNY!!! As I was looking for a song to sing, Mr J skipped through and I saw a song I liked. I was challenging my brother Lepa, but in the end he got a higher score than me.

I wish we could do this again because it was a good experience for me.