Friday, September 24, 2010

Tonga Fiafia

Malo' lelei and welcome everyone, Last night almost almost all the children in our school had performed at Fiafia. The groups were Tongan Boys, Tongan Girls, The Quia, Bollywood, Techtonic, Niuen, Samoan, Hiphop, Stomp, Drumming, Dragon Dance, Kapa Haka, Team One Rockers, MTV Crew, Glee and Jump Jam. When I went on I was feeling nervice and started to forget but I nailed it, Last but not least the finishing Keikei Poi Kei Kei Poi toua, toua, toua, Keikei Poi Kei Kei Poi toua, toua, toua making the croud get off their feets and start cheering. Back to our holding rooms we went running with joy inside of us. I am also proud of being a Tongan because it brings joy to some of my family like me which puts a smile on my face:)

My two best was the amazing and talented Niue and Techtonic thanks to all the great people who signed up for it!!!! I like the Niuen group because all my friends like Kingston, Waata, Gabriel, Logan and Darius (the Leader and the best ever!!!) CHEEEHOOO!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fiafia Practice

This year our whole school is getting part of Fiafia to represent there nation to proudly perform to our family and friends. The group I'm in, is the hard, strong and powerful TONGAN group. Our mentor are Mrs Jarman and Mrs Mood. I'm happy to see some of my friends from my class and the year sevens. We are doing the War dance with spares. The gear we are wearing is a Manafaw,white T-shirt and flowers. I'm proud to be in the Tongan group because I was in the Niuean group but my culture wasn't Niuen so this year I finally get to be in the Tongan group.


This year the Titans have improved a lot and I wish that they can win the NRL Telstra Premiership. Titans have one of the best fullback,halfback,wingers and stand off, Those people are Matt Rogers,Scott Prince and Preston Campell. I liked the Titans since they first started and sometimes I hate them because they always beat the Warriors and I mean ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There team has the best uniform in the game of Rugby League. Right now the Titans have beat the hard runnung Warriors for the quarter finals 28-16 and now they are up for another match against the striking Roosters this week.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


On Saturday, September 2010, twenty eight children from the year 5,6 and 7 got chosen to represent Pt.England and Scotland (just pretending where not repre
senting Scotland) We got dressed into our playing clothes and went outside to practice our drills.
Then the ACTION came in and we went inside a bus and it looked flash with a toilet,lights,air fresheners and the driver said that this bus was the one that takes the Auckland Blues to their super 14 games. Darius and I were playing arm wrestling and it was funny because I was close to winning then Darius was almost winning, I was getting tired but I pushed as hard as I could and I finally won!!!!!

As we looked out the window I saw EDEN PARK and started to got excited and started to get up and take off my seat beats and walked outside into the howling wind and showering rain. Me and Darius sprinted to the front with Mrs Lavakula and went under the umbrella with rain washing into my face, Finally we made it to the entrance at gate 5. The workers checked all our bags for any bottles or bad things but no one had any. All of us went up the stairs, put on our Scotland T-shirts and walked to our seats as we sat down we spotted some little kids playing Rippa Rugby and the year five and six are going to play in a couple of minutes. It was freezing cold so Me and Darius went to the top and suddenly we spotted lots and lots of Auckland flags, So we grabbed some and back to our seats we went giving them to our friends Samuela,Potaua,Feki and Mrs Va’afusuaga. There was a call for us to go down the field and play Canada. I was hoping we could kick the ball any time but you couldn’t, The siren went and off we went tapping the ball Lepa took the first run then Me I slipped over then passes it to Potaua and he sprinted off but the other team fought back getting two trysin the first half leaving us with one trys. The siren went and that was half time and that,s was only 10 minutes! The second half began and they started it running straight to me and I ripped his tags off and after a while we scored two more trys and we were in the lead until they scored and it was a draw and in the end the score was even and the same with the year sevens. We hopped off the field and went to go get change into our clothes because our Scotland T-shirts were soaking wet. When we went out we saw the Auckland side practicing. Darius said to me “there are two people painting peoples face’s should we go?” “yip” I said, So we had a race up the stairs and waited in line I go my face painted blue and white stripes and NZ on each side then Mrs Va’afusuaga took a photo of me. The siren went but first THE BIG TV SHOWED ME WAVING MY TWO AUCKLAND FLAGS, AMAZING!!!!!! Auckland Kicked off “GO WELLINGTON” someone said. Me and Darius had our lunch I had Doritos and he had lollies. The first try went to Auckland when someone reached out looking for the try line and he did. Try converted from a close range.straight after there was penalty after penalty. getrting kicks at the post. And in the end the score was 21-16 YAAAAAAAAAY we won!!!!! going home feeling good. I will never foget this day. THE END

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake

On Saturday morning,at 4.00am there was an earthquake in Christchurch, the size of it was seven point one on the Richter scale. It was a complete surprise for the scientists as it wasn’t on a major fault line.

The earthquake hit the city of Canterbury causing extensive damage. Huge cracks in the road opened up Even the beautiful old buildings with bricks and wood,were all tumbling down. Broken sewage and water pipes are causing floods in the streets. Diseases are a real worry . Lots of houses crashed into the ground but luckily the new ones were made to earthquake safe standards so didn’t fall down, only moved because they are more stable. At least 450 houses were destroyed and 100,000 houses were damaged

The dangers of the earthquake are that there will be after shocks for a while,and that’s bad. Glass is still shattering over the ground and could injure people. There is contaminated mud flowing onto the streets which they are taking to the dump.

I feel sorry for the people of Christchurch because all their houses and cars have been destroyed. But some people still have determination to tidy up for them and that’s helpful.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


NRL is made out of many teams like Gold Coast Titans and the Vodafone Warriors. (I support those teams.) NRL started in 1908 and is still continuing to 2010. I believe that the Warriors are going to the semi finals for 2010. The first teams that joined NRL were the Sydney Roosters, the Penrith Panthers and Balmain Tigers. The first and second to last to join NRL were the Vodafone Warriors and the Gold coast Titans. Back in the days I liked it when legend Mal Maninga was init he was the best!! I liked NRL since I was maybe six I think. Last of all my favourite NRL player will have to be Kevin Locke

Cross Country

"What are you going to come?" I asked Waata and Kingston. Waiting for the race I was nervously sitting in my age group on the hard court shaking my legs thinking in my head “Who’s going to come first, second or third in the ten year olds?”. My group is MATAATUA and they are the best!!!! “What are you going to come?” I asked my friends Waata and Kingston again.

Suddenly Mr Burt shouted to us, “The 11 year old’s are going first.” They started making their way to the start line on the field. After a while the it was the 5 year old’s then the 10 year olds clumped and squished up together.
“Clap” the two woods clashed and started the race off. Everyone charged and shoved to the front but the good thing to do was you needed to keep your legs pumped and pace your self so you could come in the top three.

Off we went down and through the entry to the Pt England reserve. Around the corner we went into the watery mud puddle. I said to my two friends Potaua and Samuela beside me “I’m getting tired” but I still had determination and perseverance inside of me. As us three boys kept going I suddenly slowed down and Potaua and Samuela went ahead.

After all that running I managed to get a spot into the top three. I was so excited and stink at the same time because after all that, I’m competing in the zone cross country next week.