Saturday, July 24, 2010

Titans vs Dragons

As I was looking at all the channels I suddenly spotted NRL Monday night live at nine thirty PM. Round 20 the the eighth place Titans and the first place team keeping up in the front Dragons played at Skilled park up in Gold Coast Australia... "Go Gold Coast Titans your the best I know you can win I'm counting on you Scott Prince!!" I shouted. The ref blew the Wiesel kick off Scoot prince put boot to ball and gave Jamie Selward pressure but he successfully caught the ball and passed it to their forward (prop) and he ran up to my favourite teams strong line and got tackled. "That's tackle one" the ref said to the Titans play the he did and started passing out wide to the wingers to hit full speed. but the Titans still tackled them. That's two and after that was third tackle and finally last and they gave the ball to Selward and he booted it upwards to the Sky's and reached the fullback Preston Campbell's as he jumped up high and the dragons winger Brett Morris smashed him and Preston Campell's did a back flip in the air and gave the Titans a penalty punt. After all that sweaty work at half time it was a draw 10-10. And started the golden point. Get a rest the Dragons coach said there's still `some more footy to play Jamie started it off. the Titans recived the ball and they tried getting close to the post so Scoot Prince or Matt Rogers can take a field goal. At the 89 th minute the Titans were right behind the goal line and Scott Prince was left Preston Campellwas left and Mat rogers was hooker he looked left looked right did a dummy pass and did a drop goal from right in front

Friday, July 23, 2010

Stars Of NRL

Hi I thought that I should make a team of STARS instead of a dream team. “Would you have a team with stars in it or normal players”? Ok here it is the best team in the world!! Fullback: Jarryd Hayne, Wingers: Kevin Locke and Lote Tiqiri, Centers: Greg Inglis and Israael Falau. Play makers: Johnathan Thurston and Benji Marshall, Second rows: Ukuma Ta’ai and Sam thiaday,Props” Russel Packer and Wille Mason and Hooker: Issac Luke!!

Bench: Brent Tate, Brett and Josh Morris, Cameron Smith and Billy Slater

Lachlan Coote and Lote Tiqiri

Lachlan Coote for the Penrith Panthers is on of the most spectacular but youngest NRL players around. But now there is Lote Tiqiri that plays for West Tigers is just unbelievable with his matter of skill that he has and uses. If these two men played for the same team,like Vodafone Warriors they will be unstoppable with Kevin Locke, Lance Hohia and many more. Lote has played union in his past career before he came to NRL while Lachlan Coote has played for Panthers since he debut. Lote now is one of the top try-scores in NRL this time but the leading try-scorer is I think Brett Morris or Lachlan Coote. These two men have had marvelous pass careers playing in NRL.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Immersion Assembly Term 3

An Immersion Assembly is when the start of every term their is r each term and we learn about different things like Dinosaurs and volcanoes.

Nooo!!! its all ready the first day of term3. I wonder what we are learning about. As I walked into the hall I spotted some Vikings and some Pirates. WOW!! I looked at the stage and I heard that we are learning about Mighty Mariners. How exciting is that!!

"Give it up for team four" Mr Burt said on the microphone. Mr Barks,Miss Squires,Miss King and Miss Garden all walked up the stairs and onto the stage. they were all vikings accept Miss King and Miss Garden. Miss King was pirate and Miss Garden was Rose off Titanic.

Tua vs Barrett

On Sunday last week I went to my friends house Larenzo to watch David Tua vs Monty Barrett fight up in America. Monty Barrett is a good opponent he is just like Tua hes won all his match's and no lost. David Tua has a very powerful left hand which knockes his opponents out and he's focused. But first it was five feather weight championship match's. So I waited and waited and waited till it was on. "MUM Its on its on Tua is fighting right now" Larenzo shouted out. "FIGHT!" the ref said ding ding ding, finally it started. punch to the body, block, move around, left jab to the face. "Go TUA!!" Larenzos Mum said. After a few rounds later David Tua got to tied and got knocked out but still got up and by the time was round twelve was over the judges gave the score cards to the ref and it was a draw and it was the first time David Tua had a draw!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

EB Games

On Saturday me and my sister went to Sylvia park to bye her boyfriend a birthday present.(did you know his birthday is one day before mine) While we were shopping I went to the EB game store and there was millions of games but I got Halo three and Burnout revenge. I looked at them and saw that they were $24 dollars each and I picked them up and took the games to the counter to pay for them and the lady at the counter said"if it is scratched you can bring it back before two weeks" and I went with my sister back home. When I got home I ran straight up stairs and played Halo three!

Warriors vs Panthers

On Sunday the Warriors played against the Panthers at their home ground in Australia. Out they come out of the changing rooms sprinting onto the field as they started. Kick off James Malony put foot to boot and booted it down the field. Petero Civoniceva took the first hit up for the Panthers, BANG! smashed to the ground. Once their players ran it was last and the number seven booted the ball in the air and gave Ropate pressure but he caught it. After a few minutes the hooter went for the end of the first half. Off they went back to their changing rooms. At the end the Warriors got two try's Malony and big Manu and for the Panthers they only scored one try and the 9th place won against 2th place.

GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bay Roskill vs Mt Wellington Warriors

Today on Saturday the Mt Wellington Warriors faced the Bay Roskill Vikings. The last time we vs them we lost 32-18 everyone was up set till today we won 36-0 to us but is was a little bit easy. "Heads or tails'' the referee said it was heads and we were receiving the ball. Kick off the ball went flying to the side line Steven (my friend) caught the ball and step step and tackle. When it was last Bradley booted it off down the field and we chased like an army of soldiers. Smash he got hit!! After a few minutes later the referee blew the Wiesel and it was half time and we were leading 12-0 and at the end we won. And my friend Owen came to my house and brought some KFC.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Gardening Day

Today my family and I went to our Nana's house but first we had some lunch at the panmure bakery. We all had five dollars each. I got a bacon and egg pie, a ham and cheese bun and a Coca Cola drink. Once we finished off we went to our Nana's house. All of us started but I had nothing to do. So a couple of minutes later my older sister had to go some where and I took over her job which is racking the leaves,(I made a huge pile) It was really boring so I went and got a drink in the kitchen. After a while me and my younger sister sneaked out and strolled home. But the doors were locked and we went back and sat in the van till we went home.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Benji Marshell

The number six for the West Tigers is Benji Marshell. He's a very talented player you know. The two things I like the most about him is his flick passes and his speed. He is a Kiwi player too Benji should go to The Warriors since hes Moari. The West Tigers are having a good start at third place on the ladder. The two people I am looking up to in the Tigers is Lote Tiqiri and Benji Marshell.


Hi I am a Tongan and we are the best of the rest!! Have you seen the wonderful Island of Tonga it is very relaxing when there's the warm sun,delicious coconuts,clean sea and beautiful people. Have you seen Fiji it's sort of the same but just better. I wish I could go the Tonga and Fiji and have a relaxing week when I am older and I have money.


State of Origin III

In the Holidays the Queensland Maroons faced the New South Wales in July the seventh. It was a complicated game at 13-12 when Queensland got a try then New South Wales got a try.

It was to close then New south Wales took the lead after getting a try. But there was two try's by Queensland. All the supporters were cheering loud and strong! It was the eightieth minute when Israel Falou took the kick for goal because it is his last Rugby League game but he missed the goal. And in the end the score was 23-18 to Queensland Maroons and their fifth winning streak!

Good bye Israel Falou.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Karate Kid & Toy Story 3 Movie

In the holidays my brother and I went to our Rugby League game down at Thompson park.
We played North Coat Tigers and smashed them 68-0 we're what a score!

After the after the Rugby League game was over we went home and brought our friend Jeyan home and we were going to the MOVIES! how exciting is that. Had a shower and went to Highland park to watch Toy Story 3 and Karate Kid. My Mum gave us twenty dollars each. We ran over to the time out zone and played games. It was 6:30 and our movie started. Me my brother and friend watched Toy Story 3 while my Mum and Dad watched Karate Kid. Toy Story 3 is about when Andy the little boy go's to Collage and throws the toys in the bin but they go to a place called sunny side where little kids play with toys and its a disaster. When that movie was over we sneaked into Karate Kid with our Mum and Dad and we arrived just at the end when theirs a tournament and Will Smiths son wins and gets a medal.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Favorite NRL Teams

My favorite teams in the NRL premiership are the Vodafone Warriors and the Gold Coast Titans because they are both good. Sometimes they get wasted by miles and sometimes their disapointing. My two people in the Titans that I'am looking foward to in the Titans is Scott Prince and Matt Rogers. And in the Warriors team, James Malony. On the ladder Titans are in fourth and Warriors are in nineth. Two years ago the Warriors were in the semi-finals but lost against the Manly Sea Eagles, and the Titans were new to the NRL premiership. In 2010 the Warriors went head to head at Mt Smart Stadiem. But sadly the Warriors let in to much trys in the second half for the Titans. (Bye Bye)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Today I thought about a mixture of NRL players from other teams. New Zealand and Australian players. I think there should be more then one team in New Zealand what do you think? Well this is my team,but it is the best like Queensland Maroons but better!!

1.Jarryd Hayne
2.Keven Locke
3.Greg Inglis
4.Steve Matai
5.Manu Vatuvei
6.Benji Marsell
7.James Malony
8.Russel Packer
9.Issac Luke
10.Steve Price
11.Sam Thiaday
12.Simmon Mannerings
13.Petero Civoniceva

And the Interchances are...
14.Josh Morris
15.Billy Slater
16.Israel falou
17.Michael Jennings

That is my dream team what do you think? pretty good.