Saturday, October 23, 2010


My favourite dance is Tecktonik and I think that this dance is better then jerking, Tecktonik is it is the best!

And my favourite group is yelle, I don't know their names but the video clip was made in feburery 15th 2008, Yelle have more the 1,000,000 viewers, Amazing right! they have the best dance I have seen in a while. Tecktonik was created in France when some people just kept dancing crazy and I think thats cool!! I hope one day I can Tecktonik like Yelle but that would have to wait...Click here to visit yelle Tecktonik


  1. Hey Starford. What a great post you done about Tectonic. If you wrote about this then you must know how to do it just like me. It was in ourr fiafia night. Henry was the best. Keep Up the good posts Starford. I'm looking forward to some more posts of yours.

    From Gabriel

  2. Hi Starford,
    I think that crumping is better than tecktoniking and that those dances are just not cool. I like the words you have used to make people draw in to your work. Keep it up.
    From Rita.


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