Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Picnic gone WRONG!

"Hurry up and get your hat, your gonna burn out there!" Sader Shouted at Chris from a distance. Chris quickly ran into class like flash to grab his hat. The whole school was going down to the Beach for a annual School picnic. The Beach they went to was Blues Beach. They've been at that school for a few years and this is their last year, which means it was their last picnic at Asap's Intermediate. "I can't wait!" Chris said with excitement!

Arriving at the beach, Chris and Sader saw everyone enjoying their time,and hearing laughter all around them. As they sat down with their class, their teacher Mr Faletagoai asked them nicely to put all their gear down and do whatever they want. Chris went off to play cricket with his other friends. "ahhhhhhhh" Sader sighed as he relaxed under the tree in peace, closing his eyes slowly he soon fell asleep.

After Sader finished his sleep, he quickly stood up and walked over to where his friends were playing cricket. "Can I play" Sader asked politely, "sure" his mate replied in a good tone. As they were playing, It was Sader's turn to bat. Chris was fielding, and the bowler started his run up, he bowled the ball at his best trying to get Sader out.

‘WHACK!’ Sader smashed the ball so hard the ball went flying out to the dark blue sea. “Nice one”  Taylor said as he was amazed with Sader’s skills. Chris was sprinting like flash to get that ball as it was floating in the sea. He dived in going to grab the ball, as he was swimming he spotted a big sharp fin in the water...”SHARK!”  Chris screamed his head off!

Swimming for his life, Chris started thinking to himself ‘am I gonna die today?’  that’s all he was thinking about. He was the faster swimmer in his school and he was pretty good, but the shark was faster. The shark was gaining on him quickly as Chris was losing his stamina. Snap! The Shark took a big bite but missed. Getting closer and closer to the bank Chris shouted “HELP, HELP, HELP!” Everyone heard him and went to help him. Running towards the sea they spotted some rocks and threw them at the shark and it began to swim back into the reef.

Chris eventually  got to shore and was not injured or harmed,

Monday, March 25, 2013

The One And Only...BLUES!!

"I cant believe we're going to meet them!" I said excitedly to my friend Samuela, "Yeah!" He replied. Driving down to Dunkirk reserve, I looked at everyones face and they all had big cheesy smiles.

"We're here" Mrs V reminded us. Getting off the bus, I looked around if they were here, but I couldn't see them. "Where are they?" I asked my teacher, " Their comming soon" She replied. Walking onto the field, we took our gear and put it under the tree. Sooner later we saw a blue bus with tinted windows park near the fields. It looked unusual. Opening the doors I saw these big guys walking towards us...

"ITS THE BLUES!!!" I shouted out, Everyone stood up to have a look. "There here!" Everybody screamed. They introduced them to the whole group. I wanted to see George Muala because He's really good! We started doing training drills with them, and they were teaching us some of their plays. It was pretty hard.

Puffing and puffing, I put my hands on my head laying down. It was our lunch time and I had a little rest. After a while I got up and had a stretch. It was our last lesson and we were doing tackling drills. I was keen to start playing.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life Of Chang

Step by step, His feet were plunging in the soft sand. walking through the beach, his eyes lids were shutting quickly. Everything was going dark. As He approached the sea, His toes were touching the white foam. Legs shaking, His body was about to collapse in the clear blue sea. 

Looking for help, he spotted a crowd in the distance. Seeing all the family's have fun in the sand, his memories of his childhood started flooding back into his head. He remembered his name, which was Chang.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Day Everyone Disappered

“Let’s go!” Sader Shouted, “we’re gonna be late for school!” Chris finished polishing his teeth and was ready to go. “Bye Mum” They both called out to their mum, She gave them a big kiss on the cheek and watched them as they crossed the road. ”Be careful of the cars” Mum said sounding worried.

Arriving at school late,Chris ran to class and Sader walked into his class quietly and fast like a ninja. “Why are you late?” Mr Falatagoal asked, “Sorry, I slept in Mr” replied Sader. Grabbing his book out, He had a lot of work to do...

After  school was finished, Sader meet up with Chris and walked home very slowly.Sader was so tired, when he went home he fell onto his bed like he was going to die. Closing his eyes fast, he eventually crashed and went to sleep like he got knocked out.

Waking up from his sleep, Sader walked into the kitchen with his eyes half open to get something to munch on. “Mum, did you go shopping?” No one answered. All of a sudden everything went silent. Sader checked every bedroom to see who was in the house but there was no one.  He started getting scared. “Hello, Is anyone out there,?” As he ran outside and shouted. Tears started running down his eyes, “Where are you mum?” He started praying to God to bring his family back  and everyone else that went missing.

Going around the street he checked if there was anyone around him. Then all of a sudden ‘PUFF’ He woke up and it was all just a crazy dream...