Friday, November 30, 2012

Star/Nez Falling Apart

As Chris woke up, he walked over to the window and opened the curtains, “Ahhhhhh, isn’t it a beautiful day.” he sighed.  Tarsha walked into his room and stopped, “Do you want to come for a walk?” she asked
“Where too?” replied Chris
“Grandpa's place” Tarsha said
“Of course I’ll come, I love grandpa” Chris replied with love

While they were walking over to their grandpa’s house, they spotted a crowd of paparazzi, news reporters and police surrounding his house.  The both of them quickly ran over and saw that he was lying on the ground covered with blood! “NO!”  Chris and Tarsha yelled! “WHO WOULD HURT AN INNOCENT MAN LIKE HIM?!!” tears started pouring down from their eyes, they...were...miserable!

Chris fell onto his knees and closed his eye. “There heavenly father we all know that he has done some bad things, but everyone aren’t perfect, so can you please, please, please... Take care of him  and guide him through  all the things he will do with you.  (he started to cry even more) and in the name of jesus christ amen”   Souking with tears, Chris felt like half of him just fell apart.

Chris tilt his head up and walked over to his grandpa. “I love you” as he whispered to him.  He gave his grandpa a kiss on the cheek and cried even more.  Tarsha did exactly the same thing as what Chris has done.  “Tarsha...” Chris said unsurely “Why did it have to be grandpa to die?”  
“I have no idea” said Tarsha
“Just put it this way,  Grandpa died to live in a better place all peacefully with Jesus”

Chris smiled and felt better, but  every day he would think about his grandpa, and what happened to him..

Friday, November 23, 2012


Do you know how to make a simple toy? Well my class, room 18 have been working on how to make a toy. If you want to know why we’re doing this, its because our new topic for this term is TOY STORY!

I’m making a little toy Missile. I think that it would be a awesome cool toy to play with. This toy is really  good because it doe’s not break very easily and I think this is a good toy that you would enjoy

It is very easy to make a toy missile because it only take 20 minutes to make it, and it’s not that complicated

All you need is some is some of these equipment and ,wala, you got a toy missile

  • straws

  • paper cups

  • scissors

  • glue

  • card stocks

  • markers

Click here to see how to make one Missile

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Manaiakalani Film Festival

Do you know what a film festival is? well, if you don’t know, it is a show where many different schools come together to watch some films that they have put together.

“Are you going to the manaiakalani film festival?” I asked my friend Jephte “ Yip, I can’t wait!”  he replied, as we hopped off the bus to Sylvia Park, we went up the escalators to the Hoyts cinemas and I saw other schools like, tamaki College and Panmure bridge. Everyone walked into the xtreme screen and  into their seats.

finally, the film festival  started. I got so excited for the first video I couldn’t stop moving  around,  I heard a  song playing and it was  ‘One thing’ by One direction. All of the girls started screaming and I just blocked my ears, it is about  some kids from Pt England and  Tamaki College  acting as One Direction.  Here is the clip of the video

If you want to watch all of the movies you can click on this link to go straight to the site Manaiakalani film festival

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Unexpected Pyramid

On a hot sunny day , there was a brother and a sister that loved to travel around the world together with their uncle. Their name’s were Josh (uncle) Tarsha (sister) Chris (little brother)

“What’s this” said Tarsha
“It looks like a Pyramid”  replied Chris
“You’re right...Its is a Pyramid” Josh said with excitement
“Would use like to visit this place?” asked Josh
“Yes please” as Tarsha and chris said together.  Josh whispered to himself “Only if I knew how to get there”  He heard something “All aboard!” yelled the owner of the ship.  Josh ran as fast as he could to stop him before he leaves.  “Would you mind if you take us to this place?” As Josh showed the owner the picture. “Yes I could take use there”as the owner said nicely.  “Come on kids, because we are going to see the Pyramid.  

1 day later

“Finally we're here” as the owner of the ship shouted
“Its beautiful” as Tarsha’s lured to the Pyramid  
“Yes it is” as Josh agreed with Tarsha

They approached the Pyramid and saw people walking around with posters going to people and giving it to them.   One of them gave a poster to Chris and it says “Welcome to the Unpredicted Pyramid”
“Unpredicted?” As Josh said unexpected
“How is it Unpredicted?” Chris said
“Who knows...Lets just go” As Tarsha said with no shame

They all walked up the Pyramid.  They were halfway up the stairs and Chris was already exhausted.  “Need...Water...”  As Chris said dieing for a drink.  Josh pulled out a cold drink from his backpack and lend it to Chris.  GLUG GLUG GLUG  “Ahhhhhhhhhh” as Chris said fully satisfied.  

“We’re almost there” said Tarsha
“We can do it” as Josh replied
“I can’t make it” As the heat took over Chris.  
“Come on! We’re almost there” yelled Josh.  The heat was just too hot for them to continue walking up.  Slower and slower the heat  brought them down to there knees.  They all started crawling up the stairs.

They arrived to the last stair and crawled up it and fell on their back.  “We made it” as Tarsha said relieved.  

Chris was just jumping all over the place...Suddenly a hurricane appeared and targeted the Pyramid.  At first there was no sight of anything untill the hurri

Athletics Day

Remember your house colours tomorrow” Mr Brown reminded the class.  Chris just remembered that it was athletics the next day. He couldn’t stop thinking about it when he was going to sleep.

“What am I gonna come, am I gonna win?” he asked to himself

As everyone in springfield elementary sat into their age groups, Chris asked his sister Tarsha “ What's your first event?”

She shrugged her shoulders “ I’m not sure yet”  

Everyone went quiet, the Principal  shouted out on the megaphone that the 13 yr old boys were going to sprint's first. “SPRINT’S!.... NOOOO!

Walking over to the the race course, Chris started getting shivers up his spine.  “Take your mark”  the announcer said,  chris was up, “on your mark...get set......GO!” Chris was off, he had a good start but his friends were catching up. Chris really wanted to win this race so he went more harder, they were nearly at the finish line is it gonna be chris, is a gonna be taylor, no it was Chris!

As we finished all the events, there was still one more. Everyone thought that it was all done and dusted, but, Mr Brown told our group that we still have high jump, “Yes!”  I yelled out loud.  “I know I’m definitely gonna win this” as Chris said with cockyness in him

“Who’s going first?” asked Miss Sophia

“I’m gonna win this guy’s, so step back.” as Chris said with so much power to all the kids, Everyone began to laugh at him. “ what’s so funny?” asked Chris, no one replied. Chris was the first one to jump, he ran up on a perfect angle  planting his two feet on the mat and took a big leap onto the unfortunately he did not make the height, and sadly he was OUT!

After a long day of sports chris got very tired and he went home and had a rest “ ahhh, Finally, no more jumping, throwing and running” sighed Chris.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Freddy Krueger's House

Getting ready for Halloween, Tarsha said “Where should we go first?”
“I don't know” Tarsha’s brother, Chris, replied “Maybe we should start at Freddy Krueger’s house.”

“I dont think thats a good idea... He gives me the creeps.” Tarsha said with fear in her voice, as goosebumps grew on her arms.

As they approached his house, Tarsha had shivers going down her spine. Walking slower and slower, they finally arrived to his doorstep, ‘SQUEAK....SQUEAK.’  The doorbell rang unexpectedly ‘Ding Dooong.’ They looked at each other and wondered, “who pressed the bell?” The door opened a little bit and they went to check who it was...Suddenly they heard an evil laugh, ‘Muwahahahahaha’  They went inside “HELLO?!” Chris shouted to check if anyone was home.

Checking out the house, they sneaked up stairs and saw an old man rocking in his chair. “What are you doing?” Tarsha whispered urgently, Chris creeped up to him like a ninja.  “HEY!...what are you doing?” Freddy Krueger asked with a cranky voice.  Tarsha and Chris jumped up with a big fright. “Are you Freddy Krueger?” Asked Chris. “Yes and what are you doing in my house?” replied the old man.
“Ohh...Its just that umm we saw the door open so umm we thought we’ll just come and have a look”  said Tarsha scardly.  

“GET OUT!!!” Yelled the old man aggressively. They both tried to run outside but Freddy has already beaten them to the door. So he just gave them a freaky look then started laughing.

He chased them up the stairs, down the stairs and even in the basement.  They both found a hiding place so they dived in there.  “Are we safe?”  As chris said trying to get his breath back.  “shhhhhhhhh...” Tarsha said breathless.  

They heard Freddy running around yelling “I see you!”  Before you knew it he jumped out of nowhere and said “THERE YOU ARE!”  Chris and Tarsha ran for their lives screaming and yelling hoping for people to hear them.  

Chris tripped up. “Hurry up... Get up!”  As Tarsha tried to pick him up.  Freddy caught up grabbed them by the collar and lift them up. “Now I got u guys” as he said with laughter. ‘muhahahahahahaha’ They both screamed as loud as they could yelling “HEEEEELP!!!”..............To Be Continued   


Monday, October 29, 2012

The Bush Walk

“ Hurry up lets GO!” Chris’s Mum shout as him and his family were going down to the forest for a bushwalk. They were going to the wonderful rainforest of Queensland. the whole family wanted to get there before it started pouring down with rain. One of chris’s brothers Jarryd, was still playing game and needed to hurry up!

arriving at the rainforest, the sun was still shining on their face’s, hoping that it would never go away. Almost ¼ of the way, chris’s sister Tarsha Yelled out “ Look a baby Kangaroo!” The little joey hopped away scared to it’s mother.Everyone started getting sore legs and wanted a rest. As Chris’s family sat down, he wanted to keep going, so he did

As Chris was walking he felt little drops of water falling straight on his face, he knew it would start raining so he went back to his family. Looking around the area they were at, they already left. After a while rain starting crashing down to the ground, Chris was running for his life looking for his family but it was too hard to see in a terrible weather. His family was at shelter waiting for the rain to stop. Chris’s Mum started getting worried and wanted to go look for him. HE WAS LOST!

The rain started to calming down and they went to go look for Chris. “ Chris are you there? Chris” the Mum shouted out, No one replied....But Jarryd  saw something moving a long way ahead they ran towards him and quickly took him to safety. He was freezing cold, so they wrapped him in their jackets to keep him warm.

After all that drama they all were safe and went home together as a family.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


“Ahhhhhhhhh,“ my mum sighed. “Isn’t it a beautiful day to go down to the beach?”

“Great idea Mum,” I said , as we all began to get our gear ready to go.

Getting out of the car quickly, I ran excitedly  to the beach .  My  excitement  soon turned to disappointment when I caught my first glimpse of the water.THE TIDE WAS OUT!. On such a sunny day I so badly wanted a swim..

“Should we go home now?” one of my bigger sisters asked sadly.

None of us wanted that to happen, so, we decided  to wait for the tide to come back. Our plan was to stay and play on the playground while we waited for the water to return. After what seemed to be an eternity , I finally saw the beautiful, cool water was coming in and everyone began to cheer.  I ran into it,happy to finally be able to cool off.

Even though  we had to wait for the fun to begin, each one of us enjoyed our day at the beach.

Hopefully, we get to do it again...soon!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Entry

Entering school grounds, I saw all my mates talking about the new topic for this term(term 4.) As I walked over to them, I asked “what's the new topic?” “I don’t know” one of them replied. I went into class and I saw a big sign saying ‘TOY STORY’.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Funnest Night Ever

"Finally my first social" as I said to myself.I’m so excited to go, my friends and I have been talking about it for the whole week. I can't wait to go!

As I arrived at the school, I saw a few of my friends and they were looking mean. Waiting outside unpationtly I just wanted to get in. I saw the prefects coming to un locked the doors and I payed my ticket and I was in.

Jumping up and down on the dance floor, Selina (a prefect) called out on the microphone that there was the first competition it it was the dougie battle. Everyone started screaming. The song started playing and one of my friends  james went in pretty confident trying to win. After a while I jumped and I was rocking the crowd, but in the end there was only one winner and that was Nezinli.

I wish we could do this every term because that was the funnest night ever!

Monday, September 17, 2012

VolleyBall trials

One day when I looked at the sports board, I noticed that there were volleyball trials with Mr Barks. I thought about it and decided to try out for the team, but I knew it was going to be a challenge because there were many people that were good at this sport. I will have to try hard.

It was time, the trials were today and I was getting nervous. Looking at everyone, they all looked confident and excited. I had to get my game face on. The server from my opponents team served underhand. The ball sailed over the net at my friend and he put it up for me and I hit it over. Beeeeeep, after blowing his whistle Mr Barks reminded us,“you’ve got to do two hits before spiking, if you just keep hitting it over it's like you're giving a gift to them.”

After that trial, I put everything into it and I kept wiping sweat off my face like window wipers.
Our next trial was the following week and I made it in. I just need to keep trying hard and hopefully I get onto the team.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Mini Olympics

Running into class on a dark rainy day, I saw everyone crowding around the teachers table. I went to go have a look, and Mr Barks was writing our house team colours on our hands. “What are we doing” I questioned clueless, and one of my friends replied that we are doing a mini Olympics.

Well..we went on to our first activity with Mrs M (our mentor), and it was jump jam. “I haven't done that for a while” one of my friends said to himself.  I don’t really enjoy jump jam so I think it’s going to be really bored. But, who ever wins this challenge gets 50 points, so I got to get straight into it. Wiping sweat off my face, it was getting a bit physical. It was time to change over now to our next activity, we were all exhausted.

The best activity for me was the Singer Star. I reckon it was the best for me because it was really funny. Some people were flat and some people didn’t know the song so they hummed. IT WAS FUNNY!!! As I was looking for a song to sing, Mr J skipped through and I saw a song I liked. I was challenging my brother Lepa, but in the end he got a higher score than me.

I wish we could do this again because it was a good experience for me.

Friday, August 31, 2012

League Day Out

On a normal day at school, I saw our sport co-ordinator giving out notices about our league tournament.  I just realised that it was tomorrow! It just clicked me now and I got so excited.

It was the next day so we had our tournament today. The whole team walked a long way down to the dunkirk reserve. As we arrived there at the fields, I saw all the schools there like Bailey Road, Tamaki Intermediate, Stanhope and our school’s team two. My team was the Pt England team one, which was the top team.Our first  game was against the Point England team two. Both teams were all full of excitement when they found out we were playing each other. But, there are no friends on the field so we have to go hard and try to win.

We were all set up for kick off, the ref blew his whistle and we received the ball. “P.S.P Prop, Second row, prop” I shouted. All the players knew the play and got straight into it. After four tackles it was the fifth and last tackle, the hooker past the ball to me and I booted it down field. our opposition caught it and we rushed up in a line to tackle him. “Hold Set Up” Our whole team shouted. They ran it straight up to our line and suddenly, he knocked the ball on and we gathered it up and scored a try in the corner. After all that running the score in the end was

Our next game would be the hardest of all of them. We were playing BAILEY ROAD. They have a mean as fullback and he is fast and strong. Everyone just needs to rush up on him and shut him down but unfortunately he just ran through us. And the score in the end was 8-0 to them.

I wish we made it into the Auckland champs, but it was our talking and defence that was letting us down.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Semi Final part 2

We were all excited that we made it into our first ever semi final. We are now into the second semi finals and we are playing against the Otahuhu Blues. They have only lost two games and we are trying to make it three.

We arrived at the rugby fields and went into the changing rooms, slipped on our jersey’s and put on our boots. We jogged out onto the fields to started warming up. Our trainer called us over to do some stretches. Everyone looked over to see what the players from the opposition looked like. They were HUGE! I started thinking about it and realized, size doesn’t matter this is the semi final. No time to be scared.

The referee blew his whistle and got our game under way. We're kicking off to them. Our halfback booted the ball deep into their twenty two, and I saw this big guy that looked 18, run straight at me like a storming bulldozer. I dived at his legs and he was down. Eventually guess who scored?.... it was Jonty again from our recent game. Our team had a good start with a try and we were looking to make the score bigger.

After a rough first half, we moved on to the second. while we started the second half “Run harder, tackle better. That's what's gonna win us the game” my coach said. We done that and we managed to get a few more . And in the end we won 40-4.


Proudly Edited By KingstonL

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My First Semi Finals

My team, the Warriors have been working hard in every game to try and get into the finals. And it all payed off, we’re in our first finals for the first time ever. I’m very excited to play.

We were playing Bay Roskill Vikings. The last time we played them we beat them 40 something to six.But now they want revenge, so they will go hard to try beat us, but we won’t let that happen. We will fight like theres no tommorow. Well, we started warming up doing our ball skills then we moved on to gameplan. The ref blew his whistle for us to start the game.

They won the toss they were kicking off first. They boot it down field to our big prop, and he ran hard and fast, almost running through their defence line. Next we spread it out wide to our backs and our center Jonty scored a try. So we started off with a good start. They kicked it right to me and I ran with all my speed then getting tackle, I got up to play the ball and the ref called that it was a incorrect play the ball.  

It was second half and we were up 16-10  it was a very close game.There was only 10 minutes on the clock, I was near the try line and my mate played the ball and I dived at the line and I scored a TRY! And we just needed to seal it up and straight after that try my other teammate Sione scored back to back trys and we WON!!!! we all started celebrating over that victory 32-10.

I cant wait to play our next semi finals next week against the Otahuhu Blues.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Do you know what a beep test is, have you done it before? well , I have and I heard a few of my friends talking about it coming up soon. I started thinking about it and I couldn’t  stop. I was so excited asking everyone when is it.

I started practising running up and down the court fast, feeling like I was Usain Bolt. We arrived on the court and I didn’t want to waste my energy so I just jogged on the spot slowly warming up my muscles. Beep, beep, beep, that was the only thing I could hear in my head.

Mrs Va’afusuaga called us in for the test and  we got straight into it. “Level 1, stage 1” I heard the speaker call out. we all got excited running to the other side. As every level got completed, people started getting eliminated, and it got a lot more faster. I huffed and puffed till I couldn’t take it anymore, and I got eliminated too.

I can’t wait for the next time I do this because I want to improve on beat my best score 9.6

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Free Weekend

For my weekend I was looking forward to playing a game of footy on the muddy fields.
But suddenly, my league team had a bye which means we don’t play and automatically get points on the scoreboard.

I thought that it was going to be alright but it turned out BORING!. I sat in the lounge watching the olympics and still wasn’t exciting. So I thought about going to my friends house and I realised one of my mates from my league team just moved in three houses away.

I walked over and knocked on his door, His Mum answer the door and she yelled out “Segah your friends here” and she told me to go up stairs and into the last room. I walked in and he was on his computer. We started playing the ps3 and we played the rugby challenge and m.w.3 (Modern Warfare 3.)

I hope next week we have a game because we’re in the semi finals.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

LOCK'n'LOAD paintball

On a cloudy rainy day, my Bill Mclaren team went down south to go play some paintball at Lock’N’Load. I started getting shivers up my spine as a saw those awesome guns getting fired on the field.

Time was ticking and it was almost time, we had to learn the rules and suite up in protection. Everyone got a green card to take to the container(protection room) we gave him the card and we got given a camouflage suit and a helmet with gogles. Sooner later after suiting up a lady that worked there came and tod us  some rules like when you get shot you have to put your hand on your head and put your gun in the air and your OUT!

Nervously walking to our destination, looking to see if my ammo’s full, the ref asked which stage we want to play on urban. It has buses and trains that each team can hide in. My team that I was in had orange straps on our arm. As we hide in the train,the ref shouted out "3......2.......1.....GO!!!! I was scared as hell, I crouched, crawling out quiet and quickly like a ninja. Running straight behind a house  I was looking for an enemy, I saw one looking through window in the same house I was in. I tried to shoot him but kept missing. sooner later the ref counted down from 60 and the game got a lot more faster.

After that exciting match, the ref asked if we want to play a free for all and we shouted YES!! But only the people who still have paintball left and I did. We started straight away and I shoot my friend in the thigh and yelled out  “OUCHHHH” I hid behind a barrel hope and I kept trying to shoot them, sooner later I ran out of paintball
and I was out.

Luckly I never got shot in the body only on my goggles,I wish I could go there for my birthday next year because it is so fun.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our New Reading Programme

This week my class has started a new reading programme called Reading Eggs. It is a site where you can read novels and many things. This is the first time on this site and I hope it’s a good one.

When we jump on, there’s stations we can go on like comprehension Gym, spelling stadium and a library to read novels. first, I clicked on the Gym and I had to  pick a book and do a comprehension. Next I went into the spelling stadium. Then I played a computer, we played in a spelling sprint and I won. After that I played grammar skate then vocabulary pursuit.  The final thing I done was go into the library, I read and answered some questions from the book and I was done.

My teacher told me that I need to work on reading my book, because sometimes I don’t read the book carefully and answer the questions correctly.But now I think I have gone a lot more better since the first time I started. And I have approved to move to  a higher level.

The thing I like about Reading eggs is that it’s something cool to do and I like collecting the trading cards.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Olympics

“OLYMPICS!” I shouted.Wow it’s already been four years,but it’s felt like only a year. I really want to see the sprints, hurdles and the long jump because those are my favorite events in the Olympics. GO NZ!!!

The five rings represent the five major regions,they are Africa,America, Asia,Europe and Oceania. The colours are Blue,black,Red,Yellow and Green.These colours that was chosen because  its all the athletes flags come together.The rings were adopted by Baron Pierre De Coubertin.

If I was there in london olympics, I would like to see all the fascinating building.  Some of the buildings are The Big Ben,Buckingham Palace and the Tour Bridge. I have never been there so I really want to go and see all of those buildings

I really hope they have the Olympics in New Zealand so I can see all those famous athletes.I want to see how fast Usain Bolt is.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Nooooooo!!!! I said to myself as term 3 of school came to a start.I got up in the morning and all I could hear was my Mum saying “Get up get up it's time for school.” I quickly went to school and I looked in my class window and I realised the topic is.........

GO FOR GOLD, Isn’t that fascinating?I can’t wait to start learning about very talented athletes. As our class went into the hall for immersion assembly, me and my friends saw some amazing costumes the teachers were wearing.After a while the teachers showed us some movies about olympics and how it started.

My favorite movie was from team 4. I liked their movie because it’s funny and champions never give up. Mr Sommerville was a Speargun man and he wanted to compete in the Olympics but there was not a category for it. Mrs Garden was a swimmer and she didn’t know how to swim, but champions never give up so she kept trying.

My goal for this term is to try and get faster in my running because I think I have gotten slower. I am going to try eat less fat food, do fitness and go running a lot. I want I get faster by the time we have athletics so I can beat my friends.

I really hope I have a good time this term learning all about the Olympics and athletes.I am looking forward for next term.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Favourite Place

Last week my class has been given a task to take photo’s of our favorite place. We can only take photos around and outside of school.Everyone has to sketch the photo and paint it because it might go in our school art gallery for Point England to put on show case.

I favorite place that I picked was the Intermediate block (A.K.A the street. ) I choose this photo to sketch because I really like hanging out, and talking in there with my friends on the bean bags. Also I like playing ping pong when I am really bored because it pumps me up more. Sometimes I don’t like it in there because it is too loud and everyone keeps running around and it makes me angry.

It was very difficult to pick my photo because I have many different favorite places like, the rugby fields, the drinking fountains and the breeze. But.......I had to pick one and that one was the street.

After we have took our photo we have to sketch in a style of artist.The style of artist that I am going to sketch  for my favorite place is Vincent Van Gogh. I really liked his style because he does little strokes, makes it realistic and he mixes colours on the paper,nice and careful. And I really like it.

Our art gallery is next week I wish you can come see all the wonderful thing there, You will like it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cooking time

Now it is the second term in Tech we have changed classes from hard material to food. I really like hard material because I wanted to make something cool and I hope I have a blast in this class.

Arriving at Tamaki, I went straight to my class, put on my apron, and washed my hands. Getting more and more excited with each step I took, I went to my bench with my two partners, Kingston and Potaua. All three of us had a job to do and I was the washer(I washed the dishes) Potaua was the drier and Kingston was the packer.

The food that we were making was dutch apple pie. When I heard that, I was so excited and wanted to start baking. First we had to get our ingredients and equipment. I had to get the apple, peeler, small measuring bowl and a sharp knife. I started peeling the apple and when I finished,  I sliced it into nice thin cuts. My partner, Potaua gave me the bowl and I had to work the pastry with my hands. After rubbing the pastry together, Kingston had to smooth it into the pan and put the apple slices on. “Bench eight, please bring your pan” called Mrs Heka (our teacher.) We quickly gave her our pie to put in the oven. Now all we had to do was wait!

Finally It was time to eat I got more excited as the smell came to my senses. As Mrs Heka called someone from our group I went up and grabbed some mittens to hold it and take it back to my bench. We all looked at it, and it looked delicious, Potaua cut it into equal halves. I tool a bit and it felt like I was in heaven. After a while my stomach was full with beautiful pie.

As you'lveI am looking forward to my next week at tech making more wonderful food.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Angel Experience

This term our classroom 18 have been studying reading novels. My group the (Einsteins) have been reading a action book called The Angel Experience.It is a very exciting book to read so you should read it yourself. You will love it.

So far I’ve read from chapter one-nine and I am really hooked into this novel.This week we are learning how to understand extended text and look for interesting vocabulary in the novel.This story has 6 main Characters and they are only 98% human and the other 2% is a big impact. The other two percent is mutant people who can fly.

Max is the Leader of the family, Iggy,Gasman,Angle,Nudge and Fang. he is a 14 year old teenager called Max. Max is a person that can fly, fight and is very tough, if you think max is a boy you're thinking wrong its a girl!!!! She fights tough,scary people called erasers (Mutant wolf people)

Based on this chapter I would give it a 10/10. I gave it a 10 because it has many action in this chapter and I also like all of the very interesting vocab in the text. And I like how the author because he makes me feel like they're talking to me.

I really like this book and I am really interested in reading more chapters.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ping Pong

As I was at school, I had nothing to do so I walked around and I went into the street (the intermediate block) and I saw some of my friends playing ping pong. I went over there and I joined in with them.

Ping pong is a game you play with 2 people. Each player has one paddle and one person serves the ball to the other player. The aim of the game is to try 6 points before the other person. And try make the other person hit the ball to the net or hitting the ball out on a full.

Waiting in line as it got shorter, I was getting more and more excited. It was my turn and I grabbed the paddle. It was my opponent’s serve the and ball landed onto my side and I hit it hard right back at him. He missed it and it  was 1-0 to me, the score was up to 6 and at the moment I’m winning. sooner later the game was 4-6 to my opponent and he won.

At the end of the game it was really fun to play, and very exciting.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Well our topic for this term is "Art Alive" Wow how Exciting!! But do you know what art is? Art is many things like painting,designs and sculptures.

In room 18 (my class) we were learning and researching about picasso. He doe's his art from different prospectives and he makes it look very interesting. As he starts off with his painting he draws everything lightly then makes it all dark.

The next class session we went to was in room 20 and we were learning about daniella hulme. She was inspired by her Samoan husband to to create paintings with lots of patterns, she also use's vibrant colours in her art which means making it shade from dark to light.

I really enjoyed doing these rotations with my class I would like to do it again.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Camp highlights

In week seven, on Monday at Pt England School The year seven and eights had a school camp on our fields for three days. Our camp was called Camp Respect. Going to Swimarama was My favorite highlight of the camp it was very exciting, so I am going to tell you about it.

The first thing I did there was to get changed, then I strolled over to the grass near the pool and Mrs Nua us some rules, like no singlets in the pool. With excitement I took a big leap into the pool and it was freezing cold. I swam around as I saw everyone was having heaps of fun as I was too. We were playing wrestling with my friend Richard, Waata and Kingston. Sooner later we hopped out and walked over to the diving pool.

Waiting in line impatiently I jumped up and down as the the line got shorter. Finally It was my turn, taking fast steps up the ladder I looked down at the sparkling water and I jumped and did a big bomb. I swam to the ladder to get up and lined up again but  the lift guard changed it to the next diving  board which was really high. Lining up nervously people left the pool because they didn't want to jump. “GO STARFORD” said my friend as I got to the top I was really high up from the water, ahhhhhhhh I said jumping and doing a staple.

Going into the big pool a big surprise came to the pools. Guess who?........THE VODAFONE WARRIORS!!!!!!! My friend and I raced over to see them and we saw Manu Vatuvei, Kevin Locke and Shaun Johnson and the rest of the team. Everyone was cheering who are we WARRIORS ,who are we WARRIORS and Manu did a mean bomb into the pool YeeeaaaaHH!! they were doing their pool recovery session.

One day I wish I could be a N.R.L player......GO TITANS.........

Friday, March 9, 2012

Warriors Vs Sea-Eagles

As the start of the NRL ( National Rugby League) came, the Vodafone Warriors had a game against the Manly Sea-Eagles from Aussie on Sunday last week. I was so excited! I really wanted to go and watch it LIVE at Eden park with the rest of the 37,500 people that attended.

Finally it was kick off. The manly sea-eagles were the first team to receive the ball. Glen Stewart did a great pop up and ran the ball up hard and strong gaining sixty meters for their team. After six minutes the manly sea-eagles scored a try, Tony Williams leaped into the corner. Sooner later they put together another try. Finally the Warriors get a try, as Shaun Johnson flicked the ball out to Manu Vatuvei to ran and score in the try zone. after 4 minutes Shaun Johnson finds a gap in the defence line and he steps, steps and try, right under the post. The referee go's to the decision pending  and loading............loading...........TRY!!!!

It was half time and what an half that was the Sea-eagles winning 16-10. The Warriors need to keep it up to win this game. Its second and the Warriors take the first hit up. They finished their first set of six and now its manlys turn to attack. The Sea-Eagles score again making the points 22-10 as Tony Williams runs over Kevin Locke. At the end of this game Manly Sea-Eagles win 26-20.

Hopefully the Warriors came take them over the next time they play at their home ground.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Mihi Mihi

Malo e lelei My name is Starford To’a and I am in room 18 at Pt England school. I am 11 years old turning 12 in June. My culture is half Tongan and half Pakeha. I love hanging out with My family, I have four siblings two Brothers and two Sisters, my 2 Brothers go to my school, one of my Sisters is in college and my older Sister works. My favorite hobby is playing Rugby League, I play for the Mount Wellington Warriors. I love My Mum and Dad because they really care for Me, My Brothers and Sisters. My Mum is from Nelson New Zealand and she was born in 1971. My Dad is from Falaha in Tonga and was born in 1974, I love those two places but I have never been there, I would like to go there one day.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Going to Tech.

"Finally" I said, waiting a long time to go to Tech (technology). If you don't know what Tech is, it is a class where you make physical objects like food, hard materiel and Electronics. I wondered which subject I was in. As Mr Barks told us what we were in, shivers went up my spine because I was in hard materiel.

As we strolled down to Tamaki Collage I got more excited each step I took. We stood in front of the Collage and this man came to us and said he was Mr Grundy, he was the hard materiel class so he was My teacher.

 In my class we were trying to make an object made out of wood.Firs we had to see what a housing joint was. It is a pice of wood that connects to another wood I am concentrating in making a helicopter,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Going Biking

In the weekends I went to the Bmx track with Potaua and Lorenzo. It was the second time I went there this year. We rode through the terrifying black train tunnel in Glen Innes to get there.

As I went through the track I started getting better and better, using all of my energy trying to jump high over the hills. Potaua and I was trying to jump the first hill and we complete our mission. As we got hot I biked to the shop and I brought a big drink.  On the way back to the track I saw some others people there, and I knew them. One of them went up the hill he went flying but he fell over, and he scraped his knee. As it got late we started riding back home.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Blog Entry

In the holidays I went to a holiday program called Youth Pride at the Tamaki recenter. I went there with my brother to get out of the house because we were bored.

When I arrived there I felt very excited, I saw my friends Kingston and Raenan and we started playing with the basket ball. Sooner later the leader came in (Mike) we started doing some drills and I hate that, because we have to do shuttles all the time.

Later on, we started playing games like basket ball and volley ball. I played volley ball it is more better to me.