Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Water Activitys At Camp Bentzon

With excitement I ran straight into the water and shivers went up my spine. As I got closer to the pontoon, the water got warmer and warmer.Finally I was there “Come on Starford” said Kingston, so both of us did a bomb. The next jump I did was a front flip and it really hurt my back.

The next activity my group did was kayaking, I really wanted to do it. Erin gave us instructions on how to paddle but I already new how to. Minutes later we lift the kayaks into the water and started paddling. Our goal was to try get to the pontoon and raft up.

Katz A’s last activity was sailing, I was scared I might have capsized. Peter (Our instructor) taught us how to use the tiller and the sail. At this point we jumped into our little boat, I was paired up with Tau. Our target on where to go was Typhoon and the red playground.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Spotlight At Camp Bentzon

As we got ready for bed, Mrs Garden gave us a surprise game, spotlight!. “Its fist pumping time!” said Ahsin. Spotlight is a game played in the dark, the person in has to try spot you with their torch and you have to try make it to base. Everyone got changed into their black clothing ready to play.

I returned back to base four times because I had the best hiding spot. I hid under the flax next to the base still as a scolpture,and no one could see me.

When we finished the game, Mr Jacobson blew his bugle and the game was finished. We played four games and I made it all four times. I got points for my group ‘KATZ’ and so did the other people who made it.


There is too much polution on Earth so everyone has to leave.

Monday, November 7, 2011


These are the worlds greatest Heros. ICE MAN, GREEN LANTERN,FLASH,DEAD POOL

Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Tennis Coaching" I said as Shivers went up my spine, I got  excited straight away. Even though I haven't played it before. This sport is not that popular like rugby in New Zealand.

The Forehand was the first skill we learnt.We had to grab a partner and start practising how to use the forehand. Our Coach Marcel  hit the ball gently, as I Smashed it across the net with a overshot. Sooner later, the whole class mastered that techneque and moved on.

For grip you pick up the racket up and hold it like a frying pan. It's like holding a baseball bat. Then I put the tennis ball on the racket, and started balancing it. We then had to bounce the ball on the ground with the racket, I got the hang of it.

Finally we split up into groups of 6 for a little game of tennis, but the winner stays on. I really wanted to go first but I had to be patient and wait in line. My first was up against Crusader and I spiked him with with a overhand. Then I was KING and I went on challanging other people like Kingston, It was a rally but he smashed it past me to win.

The first day of Tennis coaching was really cool. I can't wait to play next week!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice Cream Comets!

'ICE CREAM' Wow, I was hoping that we were having some for a speciel treat. I got really excited and hungry my stomach was growling. But we were Creating a comet out of of ice cream and cones for our School topic, Outta this world.

Do you know what a Comet is? Well a Comet is created from  Ice and dust and has a little tail. It also orbits our solar system. When the Comet falls apart it becomes a meteoright.

Miss Garden called out my name and I shot up. She gave me a scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream and I rushed out side as it started dripping off my fingers. It was FREZZING COLD when I let the sprinkles(fake dust) rain on top of my ice cream. When I licked it it tasted so delicious, It made me go scavenging for more.

Finally, everyone had demolished their Ice Cream and our courtyard was turned into a Ice- cream yard. All there was left were Ice Creams on the ground, cones crushed and sprinkles scattered all over the place.My mouth and fingers were completely sticky.

At the end of the day, Everyone enjoyed it. I really want to do something this another day.