Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kiwis VS Australia Finals

On Saturday night there was a fight for the FOUR NATIONS CUP!!!!! Two years ago in 2008 the Mighty Kiwis won the cup by a few points. There was lots of hard work battleing to win for their country. The score was 16-12 to the Kiwis as Nathan Fien scored a lucky try diving for the try line and Benji Marshall converted the kick . “KIWIS ROCK” I shouted in my head. That was the end of the game.

The Australian team are Fullback: B. Slater, Wingers: B. Morris and L. Tuqiri, Centers: B. Tate and W.Tonga, five eight: D.Lockyer, Hooker: C. Smith,Second rows: S. Thiaday and G. Bird. Front rows: M. Scott and N. Myles, Lock: P. Gallen

And the Kiwis team are Fullback: Lance Hohia , Wingers: S. Perret and J. Nightingale, Centers: S. Kennydowell and S. Mannering, five eight: B. Marsall, Hooker: Issac Luke, Second rows: S. Mckendry and F. Pritchard, Front rows: A. Blair and Greg Eastwood, Lock: J. Smith.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The animal kingdom

Scientists classify that the animal kingdom is made of categories like invertebrate and vertebrates. They were sorted out into groups to look at the characteristics.

Vertebrate are the animals with backbones there are five different types like reptiles, birds, amphibians, fish and mammals. Mammals are warm-blooded, hair, young inside the mother

And did you know that 97% of the animal kingdom is comprised of seven main groups. Three of these categories of invertebrates are arthropods, molluscs and annelida

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The first week of Swimming

The first week of swimming, “Yaaaaay we’re finally going to do something cool!” I said in my mind. I just couldn’t stop chattering excitedly to my friends. It was freezing as I squeezed my arms into the wet and clammy life jacket. It was a tight fit and I couldn’t stop fidgeting with it. Chris came and adjusted my it for me.

Chris was our instructor and he is here to help us with water safety for the rest of the term. It is an amazing opportunity to learn about it. He works for Water Safety NZ. On the first day of week 4 a huge portable pool had magically appeared on the school’s senior courts. Chris is going to be taking us every Wednesday.

Jumping into the pool I was shivering and shaking, My teeth started chattering. My lips went purple as the water was freezing cold. Chris told us to get in the help position for ten seconds to conserve our energy.

“Hold onto each others life jacket” Chris said we huddled up. We formed a circle and sang the New Zealand anthem while Chris spun us around. When we were finished we practise the doggy paddle.