Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lets Go Asap's

Walking into class after morning tea, Mrs Lagitupu (My teacher) lined everyone up outside, “What are we doing” I asked, one of my friends told me we were going for a touch rugby sesson for p.e.

As we were walking towards the fields I could see this guy standing with the equipments. I was wondering  and thought he wasn’t our tutor till I saw him with Mrs Va’afusuanga setting up the fields. His name was Kevin. He didnt look like a sporty guy but I knew he knew touch rules and skills more than me.

Arriving at the Rugby fields in the burning sun, I could see that our tutor was already settiog up the field“ASAP, get on the field now you're playing the red team” our tutar shouted.My team and I stood up and marched to the playing field with excitement. We were the ASAP’s. I was really keen to start practising and learn a bit more of the game touch rugby.

After all the touch games were finished, Kevin announced that there was going to be a all on all game. There was people running all over the field, and it was chaos!...

Monday, February 25, 2013

What Do You Think Of Me?

This is a presentation of what my class thinks of me. If  you have noticed the letters in the beginning of every word out of my name. Enjoy!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fia Fia Assembly

“Wow, look at Levi, He’s on fire!” I said to my friend Darius. Everyone in Fiafia Assembly was amazed with his drumming skills! Everyone was really excited about watching him. There was going to other performances like  Singing, dancing and other cool stuff. I wanted to watch all of them because they sounded awesome!

After the Drumming was over, I saw a few people walking onto the stage carrying a chinese dragon, I was a bit confused in the start but then I remembered it’s a cultural performance. I really enjoyed it because I thought it was pretty fascinating and it was the first time i’ve seen that before. As I watching them walk onto and around the stage I saw my friend Crusader as part of it and he was the dragon head.

My favourite part of the performance was when Uili, Hossanah and henry sang a song. I really enjoyed it because they had  really good voices that amazed the whole school. The song they sang was “Believe”   

After all of those talented performances were finished, I felt like watching it again!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

All About Me!

Funny, active, athletic, game freak
Sibling of Bobby Jon, Lepa, Shonty, Nesha, Nela
Lover of God and Jesus
Who fears Monsters
Who needs 1,000,000 dollars
Who gives kisses and hugs to my Mum
Who would like to see the Northern lights
Resident of Glen Innes