Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Camp highlights

In week seven, on Monday at Pt England School The year seven and eights had a school camp on our fields for three days. Our camp was called Camp Respect. Going to Swimarama was My favorite highlight of the camp it was very exciting, so I am going to tell you about it.

The first thing I did there was to get changed, then I strolled over to the grass near the pool and Mrs Nua us some rules, like no singlets in the pool. With excitement I took a big leap into the pool and it was freezing cold. I swam around as I saw everyone was having heaps of fun as I was too. We were playing wrestling with my friend Richard, Waata and Kingston. Sooner later we hopped out and walked over to the diving pool.

Waiting in line impatiently I jumped up and down as the the line got shorter. Finally It was my turn, taking fast steps up the ladder I looked down at the sparkling water and I jumped and did a big bomb. I swam to the ladder to get up and lined up again but  the lift guard changed it to the next diving  board which was really high. Lining up nervously people left the pool because they didn't want to jump. “GO STARFORD” said my friend as I got to the top I was really high up from the water, ahhhhhhhh I said jumping and doing a staple.

Going into the big pool a big surprise came to the pools. Guess who?........THE VODAFONE WARRIORS!!!!!!! My friend and I raced over to see them and we saw Manu Vatuvei, Kevin Locke and Shaun Johnson and the rest of the team. Everyone was cheering who are we WARRIORS ,who are we WARRIORS and Manu did a mean bomb into the pool YeeeaaaaHH!! they were doing their pool recovery session.

One day I wish I could be a N.R.L player......GO TITANS.........

Friday, March 9, 2012

Warriors Vs Sea-Eagles

As the start of the NRL ( National Rugby League) came, the Vodafone Warriors had a game against the Manly Sea-Eagles from Aussie on Sunday last week. I was so excited! I really wanted to go and watch it LIVE at Eden park with the rest of the 37,500 people that attended.

Finally it was kick off. The manly sea-eagles were the first team to receive the ball. Glen Stewart did a great pop up and ran the ball up hard and strong gaining sixty meters for their team. After six minutes the manly sea-eagles scored a try, Tony Williams leaped into the corner. Sooner later they put together another try. Finally the Warriors get a try, as Shaun Johnson flicked the ball out to Manu Vatuvei to ran and score in the try zone. after 4 minutes Shaun Johnson finds a gap in the defence line and he steps, steps and try, right under the post. The referee go's to the decision pending  and loading............loading...........TRY!!!!

It was half time and what an half that was the Sea-eagles winning 16-10. The Warriors need to keep it up to win this game. Its second and the Warriors take the first hit up. They finished their first set of six and now its manlys turn to attack. The Sea-Eagles score again making the points 22-10 as Tony Williams runs over Kevin Locke. At the end of this game Manly Sea-Eagles win 26-20.

Hopefully the Warriors came take them over the next time they play at their home ground.