Friday, October 18, 2013

Eastern Zone BasketBall

“Shoot!” Mr Barks shouted at me as I took my shot at the hoop. The School basketball team was practising for our Eastern Zone tournament at the ASB Stadium. Everyone got changed and we were sharp and ready to play some basketball.

Arriving at the ASB Stadium, our team went and sat in our seats. Looking down at the courts, I saw some good competitors and thought there were going to be some hard games. We headed to the courts to start practising our shooting and blocking.

‘Errrrrr’The siren went for the game to start. It was Pt England vs St Thomas. They had some tall players  and we did too. Raenan started dribbling the ball towards the hoop, “Yoo, yoo, yoo!” I called for the ball, he passed it and  I shot a goal. We started off with a good start and we need to keep it up.

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