Friday, December 13, 2013

Prizegiving 2013

It was the year 8’s last prize giving and I was hoping I receive a award. Waiting anxiously After watching the year 6’s prize giving item dance, it was time for the Intermediate awards. First was the class awards, but I didn't win anything.

After a while, it was time for the sports awards! I felt really excited for who was going to win. “And the winner is…..Samuela!” Mr Burt called out. Everyone clapped and cheered as he won the Player of the year award for Rugby Union. He is a really talented guy that is really good a rugby. He also played in a Auckland rep team called Roller mills.

The next subject of sport was Rugby league and that was my favourite sport. My friend Kingston P won team spirit because he had good sportsmanship. Then Mr Burt called out Player of the  year and my name was called out. I was very happy of my achievements that night because I won sportsman of the year!

Sooner later, we had finished our year 8 Item dance and Mr Burts finished the night off with a prayer and everyone took photos and went home.

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